15+ Photos Showing The Amazing Women’s Street Style From the 1920s

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The 1920s also known as the roaring twenties is the year of explosive creativity and innovative fashion styles. The economic prosperity after the First World War brought about widespread availability of high fashion items to almost all walks of life. It was the decade where people became bold and daring about their fashion styles, abandoning the formal and restricted fashions of the past years. If it weren’t for fashion designers from the 1920s, we wouldn’t have laid our hands on timeless fashion items like cloche hats, flapper dresses, and high heeled shoes. As a remembrance of the era’s flourishing fashion game, here are photos showing the amazing women’s street style from the 1920s.
(h/t: vintag.es)

1. Oscar-winning actress, Norma Shearer, at the White House, 1929.

2.  Woman hanging posters in Greenwich Village, 1920.

3. Girl and her yo-yo in Berlin, 1928.

4. Spring fashion in Easter, Washington, D.C., 1922.

5. Girls in Harlem, 1927.

6. Stylish ladies in Milan, Italy, 1929.

7. Woman and her dog in Washington, D.C., 1920.

8. Women in dresses by Puttnam, 1920

9. Ladies in dresses by Seeberger Freres.

10. Model in a wrap over coat, 1923.