15+ Hilarious Times Animals Were Caught Red-Handed

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We all know that pets are not only adorable creatures, but they are also clever as heck. They can be all cuddly and cute, but they can also be such sneaky little foxes. These owners caught them off guard with facial expressions so guilty they are going to make your day. It may come as a surprise how far their sneaky little paws could go, but they still never fail to make our day with their tricky schemes.
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. Mine, all mine.

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2. Breakfast at last!

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3. I was just about to clean up, I swear.

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4. At least let me finish this one.

5. Let me explain.

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6. Go back to sleep human, and forget about what happened tonight.

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7. Oh, you’re home early.

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8. Caught performing his diabolical plan.

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