15+ Funny Photos Proving That Samoyeds Are Basically Fluffy Marshmallows

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If your biggest fantasy is to have a little bear cub as a pet, be aware that there’s a dog breed that will fill that bear-shaped void in your heart, and that’s Samoyeds. These dogs are very much like polar bears in appearance and in adorableness. But don’t worry, they are far from polar bears temperament wise. These fluffy, bear-like dogs are smart, playful and very clumsy creatures. They may look like graceful bears from the arctic, but in reality, they’re just fluffy, four-legged marshmallows. (h/t)

1. Water turns Samoyeds into polar bears


2. A comfortable yet very peculiar sleeping position


3. How to trick your Samoyed to be healthy


4. “I am a cloud. A beautiful cloud”


5. Story telling with Mama Samoyed

6. Liking rainbows a little bit too much


7. Laughing with your best bud


8. Three of the best things you can see during a snowstorm


9. This baby Samoyed who looks more like a polar bear than a dog


10. This howling Samoyed trying to look fierce


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