14-Year-Old Boy Dives Into Overpass And Saves Cat Thrown Out Of Moving Car, Becoming His Dad For Life

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Gavin and his mom, Erin Brown, were on their way to a birthday party when they saw the car in front of them throw a cat out of their window onto a busy highway overpass

Fortunately, the cat did not get hit by a moving car. However, he landed on the edge of the overpass and was left clinging to the asphalt. To Erin’s surprise, Gavin got out of the car, ran into the traffic, and grabbed the cat just before he fell.

It was a close call! In an interview with Love Meow, Erin described how everything went so fast that she wasn’t sure which of the two scenes shocked her the most: a cat being thrown out of a moving car or her son diving toward the overpass, in the midst of moving vehicles, to save the kitty.

Today, the cat is doing well, but he was incredibly traumatized by what he experienced. At the time, he immediately cuddled into Gavin’s arms, trembling with fear. Sadly, some of his claws were torn off when he was trying not to fall.

The tabby cat never left Gavin’s lap until they brought him to the BluePearl Animal Hospital to be treated. Even though the Browns didn’t have enough money for the cat’s treatment, the cat’s well-being was still a priority to them.

Erin shared what happened on Facebook while they were at the hospital. Quickly, the receptionist told them that the treatment was paid by a good samaritan who was touched by Gavin’s bravery and kindness.

Gavin was immediately attached to the cat, so the Browns decided to adopt him, and named him Lucky, a perfect name for a cat who was saved by a kindhearted boy.

Now, Gavin is determined to become a veterinarian. We bet he’ll become an excellent vet!

Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Erin Brown