How would the world look like without People? We found the answer in these striking photos

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Lucie & Simon are two self taught photographers based in Paris, France.

Both are self-taught aritsts. Simon worked as first assistant to artists François-Marie Banier (Gagosian gallery) and Peter Lindbergh (Hans Mayer gallery) from 2004 to 2008.

In their “Silent World” series they emptied famous places around the world, leaving a symbolic character giving a narrative feeling to the image.

These haunting images were created using a neutral density filter that allowed to remove moving objects with the use of very long exposures.

Website: Lucie & Simon

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New York City

©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon


©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon


©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon ©Lucie&Simon

Baie de Saint Brieuc