14 Hilarious Times Drunk People Were Pure Perfection

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Some people are entirely different when they’re drunk, and it sounds funny, but for some of them are funnier to hang out with than the sober version of themselves. A roommate or a close friend would probably attest to that. If you’ve ever been drunk before or hung out with drunk people then you definitely will relate to these hilarious drunk notes, drunk texts, and all other instances drunk selves totally won over their sober selves. So let the laugh trip begin as you witness 14 times drunk people were pure perfection.

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1. I know where to look next time.

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2. You’ll know a drunk moment when you see one.

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3. Okay, that was embarrassing.

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4. Go pat yourself in the back.

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5. You wish they were always drunk.

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6. The ever supportive drunk girlfriend.

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7. You are gold drunk girl.

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