14 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean Your Home

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We all know that cleaning is a tough job. Aside from it requiring so much effort, it also takes up so much of our precious time. In addition to that, some things are just impossible to clean and maintain, that’s why they just wear out quickly. Luckily, we’ve gathered ways on how to clean and maintain things in your households in efficient ways. From removing stubborn dirt and stains to getting rid of odor quickly, we’ve got you covered. So help yourself to some cleaning hacks that will definitely change the way you clean your house.
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1. Tap

Wipe the surface of a tap with some wax paper so water stains won’t appear on it for a long time.

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2. Microwave

Squeeze some soap on to a wet sponge, then make it foam up. Put the sponge in the microwave at minimum power for 30 seconds. Then clean the microwave from inside. This way, you’re not only cleaning the microwave but also sanitizing the sponge.

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3. Mattress

Make your mattresses look brand new by sprinkling baking onto dirty mattresses and leave it for a few hours before vacuuming it.

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4. Frying Pans

Use salt to absorb oil and burnt food on a cast-iron frying pan. Leave the salt for a little while on the pan, rinse, and rub dry.

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5. Chopping Board

To clean wooden chopping boards, cover the surface with salt, then wipe it down with half a slice of lemon, and rinse with water.

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6. Window

After cleaning your windows with wet cloth, rub them dry with newspaper. This way, stubborn dirt will be further removed and your windows will be squeaky clean.

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7. Silverware

To prevent your silverware from losing its sheen or becoming permanently stained, wrap a piece of chalk in gauze and place it in the drawer with your silverware.

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