13-Year-Old Shelter Cat Finally Got Adopted, And Now Only Falls Asleep If His Human Holds His Paw

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Jamie is a 13-year-old Burmese cat who was very sick when he was brought to RSPCA Australia. The cat had a flu, bad teeth, kidney problems and was provided the medical care he needed. The staff was worried that Jamie, being an old cat, would never get adopted. But that was before a young woman named Sarah Dempsey showed up at the shelter and decided to adopt him. Dempsey saw how affectionate Jamie was to her the first time they met, and she felt they were destined for each other.
Now Sarah and Jamie live happily together, and Jamie falls asleep only if she holds his hand.
Jamie wakes up, meows, and even claws her hand back to him when Sarah tries to let go.
Find out more about Jamie’s story below, and check out RSPCA Australia’s website and Facebook page to know more about animal welfare.

1.This is Jamie, the 13-year old Burmese cat.

2. Despite him being an old cat, a young woman named Sarah Dempsey decided to adopt him.

3.  She saw how extremely affectionate Jamie was to her and how desperate he wants to be near her. Sarah knew they had a special bond the first time they interacted.

4. Sarah also added how Jamie would not fall asleep unless she holds his paw or tail. He even claws her hand back to him when Dempsey tries to let go.

5. Sarah knew Jamie would rescue her from feeling alone, and she would do the same for him. It’s a happy ever after for Jamie as he finds a new home.