12 Hilarious Times The Internet Taught Us How To Recognize Famous Painters

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There’s no place quite like the Internet to mock certain things other people would consider perfectly classy and cultured. Those expensive paintings that have their own security and people crowd over into museums to see? They’re made by world renowned artistsbut nope, they didn’t escape the fire. All is fair in love and war, as a famous proverb says. Apparently, no one informed whoever said that line that all is fair in the Internet, too. Nothing and absolutely nothing escapes netizens and their sense of humor. Scroll down and get educated on the various ways you can recognize famous painters by their work.
(h/t: sadanduseless.com)

1. Picasso

2. Mondrian

3. Michelangelo

4. Bosch

5. Titian

6. Van Eyck

7. Rubens

8. Caravaggio

9. Dalì

10. Degas

11. Frida Kahlo

12. Rembrandt