12 hilarious photos of people who thought they were taking a selfie with a celebrity. #8 made my day

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What is the most obvious reaction of a person meeting a celebrity? You got it, asking for a picture together.

It’s absolutely normal for people to get startstruck sometimes, but what happens when you mistake an absolutely average Joe with a famous actor?
Most likely you will proudly upload your picture on social network, exposing yourself to the public shame.

Here are 12 people who made this mistake. The resulting pictures are totally hilarious!

1. They were so proud of their photo with Dwight Howard… Until he commented on her Instagram page!


2. So excited to take a selfie with Macklemore!


3. The highlight of their trip: a fake Peter Dinklage offering them drinks


4. Hangin’ out with Mike Tyson


5. Hey mom, I have a new friend, his name is George Clooney!


6. I met Michael Phelps at a party


7. I was so lucky to meet Wolverine in person…


8. “Hey, I told you he was Matt Damon!”


9. Just chillin’ with Cam from Modern Family


10. He is the man, Chris Pratt!


11. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is… Matthew McConaughey


12. “Yesterday I met Jake Gyllenhaal, he is so down to Earth!”


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