11 Cats That Crossed The Line And Couldn’t Care Less

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Cats can be real gentle, majestic beings, but they can’t always conceal their utter curiosity and carelessness. One day they’re super cuddly and sweet, the next one they’re scratching your feet and knocking your valuable belongings off the kitchen countertop. We don’t know exactly what diabolical plans they’re up to, but they seem to actually know what they’re doing as proven by the evidences below. Cats have truly left a mark in human history, but most of all they leave literal marks  in our daily human activities. Scroll down and take a good look at the following evidences of cats trying to ruin mankind, one human activity at a time.

1. This is a cat’s way of reminding you to be thankful for their presence this Thanksgiving.


2. This is how cats prove their transcendence.


3. This cat took care of the finishing touches.


4. This cat knew you wanted a personal touch.

5. Cats even dominate the historical books.


6. This brick may have been the entry to the cats’ secret lair.


7. This is a cat’s way of making things look better.

8. This helpful cat knew the dough needed more kneading.


9. This 2000-year-old piece of roman roofing proves cats have been spying on us from above.


10. This painting by Roger Dean became famous because he co-painted this with his cat who took care of the clouds.