These 10 unbelievable before and after GIFs show us how aging can change our appearance. WOW!

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For most of us aging is one of the scariest things in the world. Nowadays people are obsessed with it and from make-up to skin creams there are so many ways to hide age. All that is obviously just a palliative, as getting older is one of the things nobody can avoid.

Photographer Jan Langer found an interesting way to portray the aging process, creating a series of GIFs that show portraits of older people slowing transforming in portraits from their youth. This process manages to show us the impressive impact that growing older has on our features and our look.

As you may already know there are some parts of the face that never stop growing and it’s interesting to observe how ears and nose are significantly bigger in the picture representing the aged “version” of the subjects.

We are sure you will be impressed by these GIF’s as much as we did, check them out.

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