10+ Photos Proving That Dogs Are Adorable Weirdos

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Dogs are our adorably clumsy furballs. Every single day they manage to find a way to make us forget all the stress of our daily struggles.
They don’t care about being funny or ridiculous, and just do whatever they feel like doing in that particular moment. For this reason, they never fail to give a smile.
If you are having a rough day, these 18 hilarious pictures are just what it takes to make it a little bit better, so scroll down to these 18 hilarious photos proving that dogs are our adorable weirdos.

1. This banana lover.

2. This dog who thinks clementines are balls.

3. This dog with a cat’s heart.

4. This bathtub intruder.

5. This great dancer.

6. This tree guardian.

7. This dog with intimidating looks.

8. This friendly dog encounter.

9. This clingy dog.

10. This dog lovin’ his new accessory.