10 amazing photos you won’t believe are not paintings

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We usually show you hyper realistic paintings look like photos.

Today we want challenge you with the reverse process: here are 10 photos that incredibly look like paintings.

Let’s see if your eyes will play tricks on you as much as ours did.

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Buenaventura complex, Mexico. Photo by Oscar Ruiz (picked as National Geographic’s photo of the day in may).



Palouse Valley, Washington, USA. Photo by Michael Brandt.



Volcanic rivers, Iceland. Photo by Andre Ermolaev.



This lake apparently filled with paint is the polluted Chaohu Lake in China. Photo by Jianan Yu.



Lassen Volcanic Park, California, USA. Photo by James and Kelly Stone.



Huangshan Mountain, China. Photo by Chaluntorn Preeyasombat.



Photo by Denis Collette. Extracted from the series “Mi Waterbox”, a collection of images that show reflections in a river and lake near his countryside cottage.



Southern California waves, by David Orias.



Picture taken in Namibia by Frans Lanting. It shows a dune colored orange by the morning sun. The photographer said about this picture: “It was made at dawn when the warm light of the morning sun was illuminating a huge red sand dune dotted with white grasses while the white floor of the clay pan was still in shade. It looks blue because it reflects the color of the sky above. … The perfect moment came when the sun reached all the way down to the bottom of the sand dune just before it reached the desert floor. I used a long telephoto lens and stopped it all the way down to compress the perspective.”



Painted Ladies, by Barbara Cole.