These 20 powerful photos of kids’ bedrooms will change the way you look at the world

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Where Children Sleep is a powerful photo series by English photographer James Mollison. He traveled around the world capturing the differences between the lifestyle of kids from different countries. The discrepancy is quite shocking, as in the series you will find photos of children like Kaya from Tokyo, whose mother spends more than $1.000 a month on her dresses, as well as photos of kids from Brazil or Nepal that barely have a roof over their heads.

Save the Children Italy supported the two year long process needed to complete this series that now is also available as a book, where each portrait and bedroom photos are accompanied by an extended caption that tells the story of each child.
If you are interested in the book this is the Amazon link, while if you want to see some other work by James Mollison here’s his personal website:

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Anonymous, 9, Ivory Coast


Dong, 9, Yunnan, China


Indira, 7, Kathmandu, Nepal


Ahkohxet, 8, Amazonia, Brazil


Bikram, 9, Melamchi, Nepal


Alex, 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Bilal, 6, Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bank


Kaya, 4, Tokyo, Japan


Kana,16, Tokyo, Japan


Risa, 15, Kyoto, Japan


Nantio, 15, Lisamis, Northern Kenya


Prena, 14, Kathmandu, Nepal


Lamine, 12, Bounkiling village, Senegal


Thais, 11, City of God, Brazil


Ryuta 10, Tokyo, Japan


Juan David, 10, Medellin, Colombia


Douha, 10, Hebron, The West Bank


Tzvika, 9, Beitar Illit, The West Bank


Li, 10, Beijing, China


Delanie, 9, New Jersey, USA



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  1. Pretty fascinating. Things don’t seem too great in Brazil, among other places. At the same time, these photos make some of these rooms look pretty cool. Reminds me of places people would go “glamping”. And Japan is so odd.

  2. That some in this modern age should live in such abject poverty is utterly lamentable! Meanwhile, there are many who haven’t bought enough gucci and prada “butt labels” or whatever the current fashion fad or fashion trend is!

  3. Risa from Japan’s room surprised me the most. It was interesting because of the cleanliness, but looked to provide no comfort whatsoever. Most people who live in a bubble would have more things like a bed. This girl had a pillow. She also had no toys. What does she do every day? These taught me that we are fortunate for the things we have, like a room that has sturdy walls and fluffy beds. Most of the world doesn’t have those luxuries.

    • Actually, Risa is not necesserily poor. She lives in an Okiya, a special place made and devoted to young ladies called geishas. Some poeple think that they dont exist anymore but in fact, they do. They still exist. A lot of girls make the choice to live the life of a geisha, wich is kind of a dream life.

  4. It just goes to show us how different countries can be. Delanie, from the USA, along with other kids from Japan seem to have a nice, luxurious, comfortable bedrooms. Then there are the kids like Lamine, from Sengal, and Alex, from Brazil, barely even had a bedroom.
    1. I think the most shocking bedroom was Dong, from China. First, I look at his picture and see all these scars on his face, then I see the picture of his bedroom, which was a really dirty, outdated, and was very cramped. While his bedroom was in very poor condition, what shocked me was how Li’s room was the opposite. It was spaces, comfortable looking, and had a lot of money put into it.
    2. Dong’s bedroom was different from most Highlands Ranch houses because it is so minimal. It doesn’t have the conveniences or the comfort of most American houses.
    3. These pictures show the huge gap between the middle class, and the poor. In a country like Zimbabwe, it would be harder to earn a honest living than it would be in America.

  5. i think that the boy from medellin has a really nice bedroom for colombia i live here and my bedroo is pretty much like li`s bedroom but im really lucky and really gratefull forall that my family did for me also dont worry about juan david this might seem super mean but look at everybody elses rooms juan`s room is actually doing quite well compared to my bf`s room that literally cost our whole class to build

    P.S. the reason me and my clas did this is because we all felt really sorry for her because she is in a weelchair and it rally hurt her pelvis when she walked so we asked for her parents permission and they said that they had actually rally wanted to do it downstairs so noethe larder is upstairs and her room is just large enough to fit all that she needs in this was volunteer work dont think that her parets oranybody made us do this some kids couldnt come but they helped to get stuff

  6. Amazing photos. It’s important to note; however, that each photo represents a social class of that country and not the country as a whole. Let’s not generalize. In the case of Brazil, the kids shown in the pictures are from the “favelas” or slums, but obviously not all kids in Brazil sleep on a sofa outdoors.

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