These 25 pictures will make you completely re-evaluate your existence. Just WHOA.

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Sometimes we need to stop and think about what’s around us to be aware of what and who we are, and believe me, scrolling through this post will probably change your vision of the world.

These 25 thought-provoking reminders of how insignificant we are make me scared and curious at the same time and make me re-evaluate our entire existence.


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1. This is where we all live, our Earth.


2. This the solar system, our “neighborhood”.


3. This is the scaled distance between Earth and Moon. Did you think the moon was farther?


4. What if I told you that you could fit every planet of our solar system between Earth and moon?


5. If you still don’t have a measure of how tiny we are, here is North America compared to Jupiter.


6. You could line up SIX Earths on the Saturn’s rings.


7. And here is how our sky would look like if Earth had rings like Saturn.


8. This is a comet, compared to Los Angeles. Big, isn’t it?


9. If that was big, here is the sun. We are that tiny little point down there.


10. And here is what we look like from the moon.


11. And from Mars.


12. From Saturn.


13. And from Neptune, 4 billion miles away.


14. But let’s look again at what we look like compared to the sun. It blows my mind every time.



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  1. This was a great piece of information –I really appreciate the time you put into your research and how clear your images were. Thank you :))

    • So how far can a human on mechine can travel tru space?how can one knows all this information when it took 10 billion years for the light to actualy reach earth?how long can one or any mechine survive in space?What kind of equipement can produce this tupe of information?

      • Manned space travel has yet to traverse further than the moon, although plan for Mars is underway but with no realistic departure date in near future.

        By observing with powerful electronic telescope of course. And most of these images are probably viewed with the hubble telescope, an orbital telescope stationed at outer space, above Earth’s stratosphere, that way the observation will not be distorted by earth’s atmosphere.

        The 10 billion light years is not exactly that troubling, since as long as the light reached earth, we can make observation of said star. If you are asking about how do we calculate the distance… I am afraid I’m not all that familiar, AFAIK, it is done by calculating the angle discrepancy when observed relative to earth’s movement.

          • you can check the Srimad Bhagavatam 1st-3rd & 5th Canto. everything that you need to know bout the Universe and its creation is there, in detail.

          • “”If that’s true, then why isn’t any of this mentioned in the Bible or Qur’ran?””…..

            You sound like you read all of Qur’an. Talk to scholars of this Holy book, and you will learn that it tells so much about science and beyond. God is indeed the Greatest scientist in the universe.
            Do not state the things you know nothing about as facts.

          • How ignorant of you!

            You’d be blown away by the facts about creation, mentioned in the Quran.

            Read before you comment. Do you think ALL of this is just a co-incidence? Does that not make you feel stupid to think, that this perfection came in to existence by itself?

          • I m frm india

            And this all is mentioned in bagvad gita nd varun puran.

            This are scared religious book.
            U can read them

          • Maybe u should read the Quran before suggesting that it’s not mentioned in there? It tells u everything on how the worlds n the sky n space and the stars were created. And people still believe that it came all on its own!!

          • because the bible scriptures were written over a thousand years ago. man didn’t even have the lightbulb until the 19th century…use your brain.

          • Quran said many of this like ,can’t count stars ,moons and stars are swimming , but this we know how is this after we discovered space , because Allah want from us think ,and human brain in past era can’t accept this .
            Thanks Allah (God)
            Allah Akbar , we said this word everyday that mean Allah ( God) is greatest

          • dear sir – ms
            if you read the Holy Quran the first book of Muslims you will find many astronomical facts that were revealed to the prophet of Allah , “Muhammed ” may peace be upon him.
            the second source for Muslims is called the “Sunna” which is the documented sayings of the prophet may peace be upon him. in the sunna he states clearly the fact that we on earth is like a “sand granule ” on a beach compared to the universe. (can you believe that , where did he get this information 1400 years ago without our Hubble telescope ,except if it was information revealed to him by Allah our Creator. please look at picture number 16


            16. Did you know that there are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on every beach on Earth

            I invite you to read more about Islam and science and you will be amazed.

      • Dear Andy, can you share that video please? Share the link here or in my email directly as you please. Really wanna see that video. Thanks

  2. I like “our sky would look like if Earth had rings like Saturn.” :))) Looks cool.

    Speaking about how insignificant we are : at some point we are so small that scale doesn’t really matter.
    And this is the point from picture #1 😎 isn’t it ?

  3. Does it matter how big the solar system is. It will take million years to change existing equilibrium, and no planet nearby like jupiter are hospitable.

  4. These pictures really tells us how gigantic the limitless universe is and it clearly indicates the existence of a power controlling all these harmoniously, a being with absolute power and control. Thank you for these mind bugling pictures. Weldone. We are really nothing!

  5. Good information, by the last pic, it appears that there is hell lot of traffic in galaxy 😉

    Awesome collection of pics and information though…

  6. Figure 2 is incorrect in terms of proportion. It shows the Sun’s size (diameter) to be much bigger than the distance of the earth from Sun. That is not the case.

    Sun’s diameter is 1.4 million kms.
    Distance of Earth from Sun is 149.5 million kms.

  7. Science began to understand that the time in the outer space is not the same we know on earth. one year time on earth considered already a thousand years out in the space.

  8. I would recommend you guys to please watch Indescribable by Louie Giglio 🙂 Thanks and u will know the wonders of our creator..

  9. What are the differences between “VY Canis Majoris” and “Galaxy” and “IC1o11”? pls explain more on them… thanks for you current post…

    • VY Canis Majoris is the largest known Star that we are aware of. Galaxy is.. well it’s a galaxy.. and IC1o11 is the name given to a galaxy we have observed.

  10. I don’t know why, but I was giggling the entire time. Think it was the feeling of ‘Oh man I am so small in the grander scheme of things’ broke my fuse.

  11. The way I see this, it doesn’t show me my insignificance. It shows me the supreme awesomeness of God and the immensity of His love for infinitely small me… Very humbling.

  12. it is simply fantastic . Very informative and puts us in our right place – how insignificant we are! Worth remembering .

  13. Because something appears incomprehensibly large and amazingly mysterious, we immediately attribute its creation or being to another incomprehensible and mysterious being, who none the less, in its omnipotence sees fit to punish us should us should be decide to be a dick at any point of the year.

    haiz….why do comments like that always pop up. Can’t we just enjoy the the universe, simply for the fact that its just there?

    • And the point of your message is? Why can’t you just let everyone believe what they want and say what they want? Or freedom of speech applies only to the free-thinkers that strictly share your views? If you are so evolved compared to us “primitive” Christians than surely your immense wisdom would make you ignore us right? Talk about being a d**k at any point of the year…

      • You say that maybe we werent created by someone or something greater than us, but how can you say that? with what sustent you back up that ideology? All theories as crazy as they may seem , are actually NOT nonsense since the fact that we are here its the creaziest thing ever,i mean there is NO logical explanation nor theory, every theory might be correct, would be nonsense to eliminate any of those. We are floating with x reason in space, therefore maybe there is something or someone that put us here. Im bnot saying god created us, i do not believe in god as reliogion places him. I actually believe that something or someone created us, just as we humans create things. And that something that created us, surely was created by someone else, there is no end to it, its insane. Imagine that our tiniest microorganism in our body has a conciousness, and wonders: ” how am i here? what brought me here? why i do what i do? maybe its for a reason?”- To answer that , those microorganisms are here for a reason, they are responsible for our system to live, (biological factors), though they do not know it!!! Who’s to say its not the same for us? We are here existing, doing what we do not knowing why we do it, but we may be functional for something completely unknown to us, that we cant possibly imagine… Not even by thinking way out of the box

        Sorry for any problems with understandings, im from argentina hah

    • Sadly that’s how the primitive mind works. Their egos seek to think that something powerful is puppeteering all of this so they don’t feel so bad for being so ignorant and not standing up against the horrible things going on in the world, that all of this is in some higher plan, so there.

  14. Is it just me or was anyone else confused why earth appears bigger from the sun as it does from saturn and neptune… looks photoshopped to me

  15. Amazing …..imaging and measuring’s.
    Time and distances are interdependent so now if we look in time frame its wow. Indian (old) Astronomer’s have perceived the largest time scale in Vedas. (Ex Yuga, Kalpa etc).

    • Actually time and space (distance) are completely linked and inseparable. As you move through time you also move through space and vice-versa.

  16. and hours/days after reading this we’ll just go back to our ignorance, living our daily life, because we can’t cope with all of this. it’s just a ‘system limitation’ of humans.
    But nevertheless it’s all true and mind blowing as you said.

  17. Yeah, all cool. But we DONT compare ourselves to these Black holes and Galaxies!! We compare ourselves to fellow humans.

  18. Its really weird to see people looking at things in this way, even after seeing all these… I mean isn’t it obvious that the so called “GOD” would not be bothered about what good or bad people do on this tiny little earth and decide the fate of their souls accordingly… We are already small and these religions are splitting ourselves more tiny… Give it up people… we are all earthly creatures….

  19. Observable universe….how much father can it go…. Are/were there other universes…can we only go back to our own big bang… :/

    • Really? My head hurts after reading some of the comments here. Have you EVER in your life tried looking UP at night? No? Give it a shot.

    • It’s not a picture of the Mikly way but of a spiral galaxy that is thought to be very similar to are own. As you say know one has traveled outside of are Galaxy to be able to take a picture.

  20. Great presentation. The comparisons are mind blowing. Should a creator/designer of such a big universe would get upset as to which religion we belong to.

    • Grand and loving creator? If any human were to step foot on any of those planets or stars we would die a horrible death within seconds.

      • Yeah, all this space and their loving creature only created 2.4% of our planet’s water drinkable for them, but created trees to create their own food right where it grows for 1000s of years while babies die horrible deaths from starvation and lack of clean fresh water? That loving creator??

  21. It is simple. I am not bothered of these. Because, in my life time I can hardly do anything with these. So, let me have my small happy moments here in my ‘home’ called ‘earth’.

  22. Yes all said and done compared to all said above why we should think we are tiny aftral we man have brain bigger than all put togather to find this !!

  23. Now i feel the real beauty of space ,and i wish to make a journey around all for me thats make me a chance to meet a real god

  24. Hah! Wait till u see how nano-sized organism living their live full of joy inside the body of an insect in our backyard as their supercluster. Even more amazing!

  25. These pictures are fascinating! I’m good to be living right now to be able to see and enjoy the wonders of the mear scale of our galaxy, let alone to be able to even concierge the idea of how BIG and ENDLESS the space is.AND there is no one in perticulr has any opinion about any of us here in this tiny blue dog.

  26. Sm times i feel it is a challenge that the creator did through at us as a challenge to explore nd confuse,nd enjoy the indiscribable creation:) i am so lost ,this the 5 time i am going back to this link nd looking at it…when ever i see this link my heart fills with crazy happiness yet confused:)

  27. the one with the sand grains is not true. It was demonstrated by phd. Alex filipenko from University of California, Berkley

  28. If you read this whole post, now you’ll realize how huge the Universe could be, our brains don’t have the power to think about its extent. Now realize the speed of Hazrat Jibrael (as) (Angel Gabriel) who reaches to Hazrat Ibrahim (as) (Prophet Abraham) when he is thrown into the fire before he reaches to the fire, and he reaches to Hazrat Yousaf (as) (Prophet Joseph) before he reaches the 3rd or 4th row of the stones in the well, when his brothers thrown him in it.
    Indeed the creator (God / Allah) is great, he who created this all and beyond۔ Our brains don’t have and won’t ever have the power to think about how great he is. All praise to Allah (God) , the creator.

  29. And thinking about it, more than 90% of the universe is empty space (or “dark matter/energy”, not really sure about the dark thing :D)

  30. “Do the disbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, then I split them apart?” Qur’an, 21:30

  31. If as in no20, these are all the stars you can see in the yellow circle, how can we see andromeda which is outside of the milky way?

  32. This is incredible, and some of the comments give information too. I didn’t read all of them because there are so many, but I can tell the one who made it out so much work and research into it, thank you very much.

  33. So we secular folk are ignorant if we accept the Big Bang Theory as being a reasonable explanation of how the universe came into existence, but you religious folk find it normal to think that some celestial intelligence made everything magically. The nerve of you egomaniacs!

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