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The 25 funniest text autocorrects you will see today

Smartphones are often a bless, they often make our life simpler by carrying out the tasks we had to do manually in the past. It looks like that technology has gone a bit too far in a certain way, as our phones often suppose to know what we are thinking, and try to anticipate our words while typing a message.
Damn you autocorrect is a perfect site to kill the boredom during rainy afternoons, as they have been collecting for years the funniest autocorrects ever made.

In the following list you will see our favorite picks among the thousands autocorrects featured on Damn you autocorrect. Warning: the following images contain strong language.

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autocorrect-1 autocorrect-2 autocorrect-3 autocorrect-4
autocorrect-5 autocorrect-6 autocorrect-7 autocorrect-8 autocorrect-9 autocorrect-10 autocorrect-11 autocorrect-12 autocorrect-13 autocorrect-14 autocorrect-15 autocorrect-16 autocorrect-17 autocorrect-18 autocorrect-19 autocorrect-20 autocorrect-21 autocorrect-22 autocorrect-23 autocorrect-24 autocorrect-25

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