The 24 most hilarious Google search suggestions ever

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There is no doubt Google search suggestions are very useful, but since many people use Google to find the weirdest things, if you pay attention to some of the suggestion Google gives, you can discover some hilarious ones.

The web is full of bizarre screenshots of weird suggestions and we gathered the most hilarious here on Just Something, just for you.

As usual, if you find some other fun stuff congenial to the list feel free to tell us in the comments.

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24. Why do I have…


23. What…


22. What would a…


21. I like to…


20. Sometimes when I’m…


19. I am…


18. Why…


17. I did th…


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  1. Try searching the following in Google. You’d be intrigued at what you see.
    “Chuck Norris”
    “Do a barrel roll”
    “Tilt” or “askew”
    “Define Anagram”
    “The answer to life the universe and everything”
    “Zero rush”

    And that’s just the start of all the easter eggs Google has to offer.

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