Photographer Takes Side By Side Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners, And The Similarities Are Undeniable

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Some say a dog owner starts to look like a little bit like his furry friend after a few years spent together. It’s hard to think it actually happens, but once you get to see Gerrard Gethings’ series of “doggelgängers”, you’ll definitely give this statement some credit. Gethings shot this fabulous series of photographs for a memory card game called ‘Do You Look Like Your Dog?’, where you are challenged to match 25 people with their lovely mutts. If you are interested to purchase it you can get them through Laurence King Publishing. But for now you can just scroll down and enjoy Gethings’ photographs of dogs side by side with their human lookalikes. Don’t forget to check out more of the artist’s work on his website, Instagram and Facebook.
(h/t: mymodernmet)

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