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30 hilarious struggles only cat owners will understand. The #4 really made my day LOL!

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You may like cats or not, but one thing is clear to everybody: they are incredibly complex creatures and they often do the exact opposite of what you would expect.

The following 30 images depict some of the daily struggles of a cat owner, from their amazing ability to be incredibly endearing and totally irritating at the same time, to their weird habit of running at 4 AM when everybody in the house in asleep… It’s a roundup of funny images that will made your day for sure.

If you are a dog owner instead, you will probably find some of these things almost impossible to believe but incredibly amusing as well.

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  • bob says:

    My wife and I have a cat, named Lily. All of these pictures are a part of what we call being “psy-cat-ic”.

  • mike says:

    You know, i wasnt sure whether my cat was the only one that would nip my hand after asking for belly rubs. Now i know…

  • Serah says:

    It’s missing cats knocking over drinks for no reason and laying on the keyboard while you’re on the computer.But haha pretty spot on.

  • mia says:

    When kitty is belly up and asking for tummy loves, we have learned its nothing but a trap, pretty much its a game to kitty, a play invitation, and of course we as the human race falls for it everytime because its rare to get a kitty to invite you to rub the tummy, I fall for the trap every day…

  • Benny2.0 says:

    Where’s cup hockey? Cat looks at something on a surface of some kind. Looks at you. Touches it with a paw. Looks at you again. Maintains eye-contact as they nudge item off surface. Look startled when thing makes a crashing noise.

  • Deanna says:

    Wow I’m so glad to c this my cats do everything here and I thought I was the only one who went through these things thought my cats were crazy!! LOL I’m so glad to c its all a normal cat thing haha

    • Deanna says:

      PS you forgot number 31 they love to trip you as you are walking through the house :p

      • Trippy says:

        Arrrrrrgh!! My cat does that all the time! If I fake her out, she rushes over to try to trip me again. While meowing. It’s like she’s saying, “Dangit! FALL already, woman!”

  • Darren says:

    Number 4 – is deliberate because fresh bird pie tastes much better than the ex race-horse meat they stuff into a tin of cat food ;).

    • Al says:

      Darren, there is nothing in #4 that indicates it is referring to cat food. I took it to mean a piece of meat like from the table that got dropped on the floor.

  • kaylene says:

    13- omg. Does anyons know the girl in 13? She looks identical to me but its NOT me! WTH.

  • Lydia says:

    Haha, my cat will get right in front of the computer screen and purr, just cause she can. Haha.

  • Melina says:

    OMG I was laughing so hard that I was crying!! I can relate to almost all of them with my
    kitten, Kiera. #29 is how I work most of the day, when she isn’t laying across the keyboard. I loved the one about how cat people eat, hilarious!!!

  • Nancy tt says:

    Here I blamed MYSELF for the craziness my cats displayed & how I catered to them too much! It’s nice to know it’s not just me…

  • Lynda E says:

    they missed out : never being able to go for a pee on your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah says:

    20′s pretty close for me, except in my case, it’s “I know! I KNOW!”

  • Billy says:

    Lol I’ve had my cat Lucas about 3 months now and he does just about all the whacky stuff shown here and also has a trick of his own , he uses his paw to scoop water out of his bowl and scoops his dry food into the water bowl then scoops the food back out into his mouth needless to say its quite the mess ! he was a rescue probably a year old now .Love that whacky cat

  • Zazu says:

    This is what Cats do, they wrap us around their little claws ahhh. Only a cat owner could understand, oh I am one!

  • Kenneth says:

    #11 isn’t a cat who is worried or sad. Ears flat, eyes focused, body flat… that’s a cat about to pounce…

  • beth says:

    #31. waking you up to be let out an hour before the open front door-cat backs away,ears flat-it’s too windy.Cat goes to back door……grrrr

  • Maan says:

    At night, my cat likes to hang around doorways, in the dark, waiting to trip someone.

  • Jude says:

    My cat Zowie likes to climb on top of the wardrobe and jump off it, and no matter how far to the left of the bed I sleep, she always manages to land on my knee. I have arthritis now…

  • K says:

    How about “refusing to drink standing water and knocking over every glass/vase in the house if you won’t leave a tap dripping for him”? Only my cat? Or “begs to be let outside in winter, sees snow, turns around and attacks your ankles in fury?”

  • Jerrick says:

    Holy crap, number 24 looks just like me… lol

  • MALain says:

    #30 is hilarious! Check out this reverse gif – it looks like the cat is hastily sending a fax.

  • Aless says:

    #6 is our Izzy……And we thought she had a psychological problem with food(backed up by the vet!!).
    She will have plenty of food in her bowl but NOT in the middle. Now I know what HER(MY!) problem is!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Donna says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing at these! Our 2 cats do every one of these. The vaccum cleaner is so funny mine always run on top of the counter and watch the whole time as if they have never seen it before and I vaccum alot. One of mine loves to drink out of the sink with the water running and races you everytime you go to the bathroom and I can’t tell you how many times she fell into the toilet bowl from trying to jump from that to the sink. You think she would remember but she just loves it so much she can’t help herself!

  • Terry in B. C. says:

    #20: “You will walk to the fridge … you will open the door … you will lower the can of tuna to the floor … “

  • Marion says:

    Tell me why when the cat cant go out the front door because it is raining and then when she finds out its raining outside the back door as well its MY FAULT.

  • Marvel Slots says:

    all cats are megalol

  • mouse says:

    My cat peed on my laptop because I spent too much time on it and not enough time paying attention to him. Fried the laptop.

  • cathy stover says:

    So many of those happen in my house. My cats (2) like to lay on my recliner where I put my feet. Usually both at the same time. While I am trying to write this my female cat is sneaking up on my lap and trying to push my computer away!!!! She is being real persistent!!! My cats are about 15lbs(female) and 20lb(male) and they take a lot of room!! Love ‘em both though!!!

  • GalaxyCat says:

    My cat always come into the bathroom when im using it, and as soon as it sees i grab the toilet paper it’s like “whoops time to go”. Creeper

  • Pam says:

    For anyone looking for a couple more cats (especially Star Marie)!! LOL

  • Pam says:

    For Star Marie

  • Fred./"lol says:

    My cat is next to my laptop now. I havdassfgfghj,kghjyhfsf

  • Brittney says:

    About the belly rub one, I think my cat is a rarity, he’ll come up and ask for belly rubs and if you try to pull your hand away it gets grabbed with claws… When my other cat is annoyed at me his train of thought seems to be, “Look at this object on a shelf/counter/table, it’d be a shame if somebody were to knock it off”

  • Kathie says:

    It started with a catnip kitty toy. Our cat would pick it up and carry it around and meow like she was calling her kittens. We rescued her when she was 15 and already spayed and loved her for the last 3 years of her life. Anyone elses cat ever do that? Had another one who could open doors, jumping up turning the handle then pulled the door open while saying( get this) “e-me-owwwwt” Cat for: Let me out. They are so fun and I have a lifetime of kitty stories. Love the ones above.

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