Goose Saves Stray Puppy From Freezing Weather By Warming Him Under Its Wings

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Empathy is a human trait that makes us understand the pain others feel, motivating us to care for others. However, despite our ability to empathize, people too many times just close their eyes and choose not to help.
Animals can feel empathy just like humans do. They empathize with each other, but also with humans and even with other animals. They are innocent and pure-hearted. And this goose who saved a puppy from freezing weather is the perfect example of empathy between different species.
These photos of a goose wrapping a shivering puppy with its wings should remind us that we should always choose to help others. In these images, we can see that the goose even used its beak to pet the puppy and make him sleep comfortably under its warm wings.

Here you can see that the puppy is sleeping comfortably under the goose’s wings.

The puppy was supposedly abandoned by his mother dog, and found in this goose an unlikely friend.


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  1. Animals are sentient beings and we should treat them as such. Many Nations recognize this but are unwilling to enforce the laws protecting them unless it is widely publicized. This must change.!!
    Peace Y

    • They’re also known to feed fish and pull weeds from flower beds. The word “humanity” should be changed to “animality”! Clearly they’re more sensible than most humans.

  2. IMO animals show greater empathy and feeling than humans. Empathy and feeling is given by them without any ulterior motive.

  3. Animals, I think have a stronger sense of instinct than humans. The choices they make are out of a pure, innocent heart. They deserve respect at all times. I am so happy about the new laws in certain places
    which give them absolute protection. I hope it goes the same way in other places, all over the world..

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