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30 hilarious street posters you certainly haven’t seen around. #7 killed me, LOL!

Apparently the hottest trend today is to give people a smile randomly hanging funny street posters around town. From the ring lost by Frodo to a cat to return dead and alive, here is a list of the funniest of them.

What about you? Have you ever seen a funny street poster in your city?

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1. Mad Klaus


2. Lost cat


3. Missing unicorn


4. Yes


5. Angry man


6. Tearable puns


7. Smoking cat


8. Angry man part 2


9. Maximus Decimus Meridius from Rome


10. Man from the future


11. Sure this has nothing to do with that


12. Lost wormhole


13. Hello


14. Missing droids


15. Somebody stole a bassoon


16. Frodo lost his ring


17. Cat found


18. Not sure about that


19. Ninja turtle missing


20. Ninja missing


21. Facebook


22. Pay attention


23. Printer for sale


24. Take life by the balls


25. Have you seen Miles?


26. Dublin Contemporary 2011


27. Frank is dangerous


28. Popular music


29. Lovely pigeon has flown away


30. Wanted


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  1. Ben Marshall

    So funny, so hilarious well done

  2. Some of those truly made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. allison tanenhaus

    great roundup. i love this form of art! i actually recently made and posted my own, based on one of my tweets:

  4. The best part is people taking the slips. I’m surprised taking life by the balls wasn’t popular.

    • I don’t think anyone wants to be grabbing another’s balls like that.. and ripping them off… Now horns…..

  5. I found this one in Melbourne

  6. Jayemsee

    First class contemporary comedy, by the people for the people ……………. 😀

  7. I love the stolen bike one “hope you don’t wear a helmet and get hit by a monster truck ” made me smile !

    • brian

      that’s actually a david shrigley artwork!

  8. DevilOmelet

    Any connection between #1 and #22?

  9. LoanneStika

    I think I recognize the pigeon. If you see him, tell him the neighborhood isn’t the same without him.

    • justsomething

      Lol, best comment of the day!

  10. Joanna

    “I hope you ride my bike without a helmet and get hit by a monster truck. I hope my bike takes you straight to Hell.” LMAO! Holy crap. My gut hurts from laughing so hard.

  11. Jon

    The ring is not Frodo’s, it belongs to the Dark Lord, Frodo won it gambling with a guy who stole it from a friend he murdered, so do not return to him.

    If found return to Sauron, Barad-Dhur, Mordor, Middle Earth.

    Reward: Place at the right hand of the Lord of The Rings: who sees all, whose gaze peirces earth, rock and flesh; while he crushes all the free peoples of the west beneath his mighty heel.

    • Rich

      Nice attempt at being nerdy except frodo inherited the ring from BILBO who won it gambling off a guy who murdered his friend for it…leave the nerdiness to the professionals

    • joy goto

      who the hell cares?? in the end its still frodo’s…hehehe!!! XD

      • Tolkien Lover

        Its inscription is also written in the Black Speech, not any of the Elvish tongues (Quenya, Sindarin, etc).

  12. sackcloth and ashes

    This is an outstanding collection, but No.25 wins outright.

    • Steve-Bob

      Actually it was given to Frodo by his his uncle. Who won it gambling with a guy who stole it from a friend he murdered.. Way to fail…

      • Eric

        Actually it was given to Frodo by his uncle who found it in a cave before playing a game with the guy who murdered his cousin and stole it from him

  13. The Furniture

    awwwwww that’s our band poster in #28!!!
    xo aramis from The Furniture

  14. Stuart Dobson

    I love seeing these signs when I travel through Asia for work.

    • justsomething

      That’s amazing!

  15. ThatGuy

    Taj Mahal is not popular music… He’s a blues and Caribbean music guy. That’s about as far as you can get from popular music.

    The person who wrote that sign has bad taste in music.

    • Steve-Bob

      He wasn’t saying they were terrible. He was saying nobody has heard of them because they are NOT popular, and what is popular is terrible… The way you interpreted it is a paradox… It can’t be “popular music” if nobody has heard of it.

  16. David
    • justsomething

      This is amazing!

  17. AP

    I cried. I laughed so much I cried. These are amazing!

  18. Ross

    #9 is patently offensive, using a racist slur on Italians; I suggest you remove it. The rest of them are funny on their own merits, without resorting to ethnic slurs.

    • justsomething

      Ross I am Italian and I don’t find it offensive. Come on, it’s just irony.

    • madnessmonk

      Ross is right. The correct term is Wop Pig.

      • justsomething

        Yes you’re right, but as I said to Ross, it’s just irony. It wasn’t necessarily meant to be offensive.

    • Really

      really? It’s a joke you dimwit……relax.

  19. Jessica

    I find it difficult to not tweet most of the posts on this site! Great stuff :).

    • justsomething

      Thank you Jessica :-)

  20. heather watson

    I laughed out loud! People in life are just so funny. Thanks for sharing!

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