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These 27 hilarious kid haircuts will make you cringe. The #5 is probably the worst ever… LOL!

Here we are with a new terrific list of embarrassing fails.

This time we have gathered the worst kids haircuts of all time, most of them come directly from the 80′s and early 90′s, cool years for a lot of things but definitely not for hairstyles.

We have laughed so hard for some of these, which are your favorites?

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  1. Brandon Freels

    I don’t get it.

    • Chuck Steak

      You’re wondering why an old picture of you is posted here? I’m not sure why either,… 😀

      • Fee

        Thanks Chuck Steak, you made me a giggle!

  2. Joyce White

    I suppose these hair styles were good for the day in which they were taken!

    • Sydni

      I’m sure they were too!

  3. stanely21

    What look like “bad haircuts” on some were actually pretty awesome in 1985. Seems more like a mean-spirited article and I sure hope the writer has the permission of these people whose pictures they are posting online.

    • ella

      Uh… I doubt that very much.

      Welcome to the internet, btw…

      • Rob

        Actually, stanely21 is entirely correct. In the 80s, some of these photos were how most of the “cool” people looked. Thirty years from now, we’ll probably look back and laugh at what we look like now.

        • Shannon

          Idk if we’ll be laughing at our hair styles 30 years from now. Today’s hair styles are a lot more timeless although the snookie poff of course is and will always be laughed at

    • T.D.

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, Stanley. :(

    • emkay

      who posted the original picture? the author, the owner of the haircut, a mother, father,sister,brother, aunt, uncle etc.etc.etc.
      Besides, once posted (however it got posted) it belongs to the world…

    • Keith Rodney

      Stanley, if you can’t poke fun at your past then you’re living your life the wrong way. This wasn’t “Mean-spirited”.

    • Christi

      I have seen some of these on funny Greeting cards.

  4. another person trying to make something out of nothing , come on its kind of funny I couldent see where anyone was making fun of the kids in the pictures , and I bet you that if the majarity of these kids saw these pictures they would laugh too , all of the kids were very cute but some of their hair cuts were funny and some of them lool like todays hair styles, so people just stop trying to drum something up its all in fun injoy yourself lighten up and chill out

    • Brian Jones

      “all of the kids were very cute” are you f****ng insane? The little girl on picture 6 is the devil himself! That girl needs an exorcism!

      • Shannon

        Brian Jones I totally agree I couldn’t even believe that picture was real at first. And number 13 is so ridiculous…someone REALLY tried hard to fit in with her not so thin haired friends

      • Colin

        I agree…she’ll be haunting my dreams for years… ::shudder::

      • kumi
      • kiki

        How can you talk about that lil girl…what if she has special needs..some pp are freakin ignorant

      • Rico


  5. Sue

    #13. There’s Something About Mary

  6. Poor #9 looks like she’s getting ready to cry with her haircut, and #27 looks very angry about hers! #6 is pretty creepy looking poor kid, why would anyone cut bangs that short? #13 that’s a classic there’s something about Mary look lmao!

  7. Rettoforever

    Is #20 a ventriloquist?

  8. What’s wrong with #3? That hairstyle used to be the sh*t!

    • Dmitry

      Indeed, LMFAO. My fav!

    • Dmitry


  9. polly

    i don’t get it….their all popular hairstyles of their decade…who cares. i think their fine lol

  10. I am old enough to remember all of these. They were not so weird looking when they happened. We will be laughing at how we look now…. someday. Give it time.

    • PurpleMango

      Not entirely true. Our hairstyles now are much more simple. If you look back on any time period, especially for men, as the period progressed, the more common shorter hair style always appeared.

      While you will always find crazy outliers today, most haircuts, male and female, are simple in nature, easy to maintain, or appear elegant.

      We might, however, get laughed at for how we dress.

  11. KarBear

    Today’s style’s are timeless & simple? Don’t know what you’re smokin but dreadlocks, pink, purple and blue hair are timeless? And we can’t forget the oh so trendy “shave only one side of your head” that some girls & women love these days! Roflmao.

  12. Di

    There’s something about #13

  13. Karriem Glaster

    NOT even kidding I went to Solano Jr High and or Vallejo Senior High with number 7!!! No lie!!!

  14. Carolyn

    #16 brings back nightmares I had after getting one very similar at the salon my mom took me to. And I cried for weeks, despite my mother telling me it was “so cute”. Looking at all of these bad haircuts, you know very well some stylist pushed it as being all the rage. This is child abuse, poor kids.

  15. Cheryl

    The sad part is these poor children left the salon with this terrible haircut that some bubble gum chewer thought was cutting edge. And the mother probably kept telling them it was “so cute” as they left in tears. I’m sure many were scarred for life after those experiences.

  16. Kay

    I don’t know why anyone’s getting stink eye, That’s how we all rolled in the 80’s and if we wore glasses (like I did) that’s what they all looked like .And back then kids were kids and not kids dressing and acting like adults! So it would be a shock to anyone who didn’t remember the 80’s

  17. BL

    Is #27 a boy or girl????

  18. Cha cha

    That was how it was in the 70s and 80s. Bad hair, bad clothes, mullets and asymmetrical styles galore, big hair, tons of hairspray. In 20 years we will be laughing at the multi colored hair, tattoos, goth looks, skintight clothing, saggy pants, and piercings galore that we see today.

    • sandy

      U are so right Cha Cha, I loved the 70’s and 80’s myself :)

  19. kilroy238

    Op obviously didn’t grow up in the 80’s.

  20. Lewisvidler

    Nr. 6 makes me scared

  21. Jac

    #26 Definitely saw Sleepless in Seattle and thought she looks like one of the actors

  22. sandy

    I actually like the shag look, I know alot of you call it a mullet, but theres a difference. And yes alot of people had them so it must have been ok at that time :)

  23. #27 sums it up. The look on her face is priceless! Go ’80’s!

  24. Taura

    3., 13., and 20. were good ways of helping me or others getting there hair done when I was young and growing.

  25. crystal

    i think they are adorable especially the little girl in 6 and the little gap toothed girl in the flowered dress. Seeing these cute kids make me want to have some lol. I’d try to save them some emotional pain and actually get them a paid haircut!

  26. Paco 425

    No no no…….

  27. Noah

    Shouldn’t that rapper the Weeknd be on here?

  28. Shawn

    If my kid looked like number six I would have trouble sleeping. Scary!

  29. Megan

    This is really just a compilation of mullet pictures!

  30. Ronnie

    Number 4 “Nemesis daughter?”

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