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25 random acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity. #9 totally brightened my day!

There are moments when we feel just like giving up on the world, on all the bad things that happen daily, but every once in a while we witness a random act of kindness that makes us believe that maybe there’s still a hope in this world, that there’s still people who really make a difference.

In this post we are going to show you 25 unbelievable random acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity.
These images really made our day, and we are sure will make yours too, and maybe inspire you to make a difference.

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1. This man who knows how to be a good neighbor


2. And this man too…

3. These who will clean your outfit for free

4. These fans who know everyone should enjoy a show equally

5. These cyclists who gave water to this thirsty koala

6. This soldier who rescued a kitten during war

7. This family

8. This Afghan man who offered tea to a soldier

9. These protesters stopping to take care of a stray dog that was erroneously tear gassed

10. These guys rescuing a lamb from the Ocean

11. This runner who helped a injured competitor to cross the finish line

12. These Subway employees

13. This firefighter rescuing a kitten from a fire

14. This man who takes the time at lunch to read everyday to a coworker who can’t

15. This guy who became a seat for an elderly lady while stuck in an elevator


16. This homeless man

17. These incredibly generous customers

18. This randomly kind person

19. This security guard who makes the days of little girls

20. This marine who picked up the puppy that had been following him for miles

photo credits: CTMphotovideo

photo credits: CTMphotovideo

21. And this one who saved a little bunny



22. This Wendy’s employee

23. Dan, who brings coffee to everyone at the local Cancer Center

24. The man who repaired this cat from rain

25. And this man who left lottery tickets on the gas pump for random customers

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  1. Great reminders of nice things to do! I shared this on pinterest.

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