This incredible water experiment will make your brain hurt… Pure genius!

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You may remember Brusspup for this amazing optical illusion we covered last year.

This time he is back with a really mind blowing experiment where he manages to bend water.
Believe it or not, this is actually possible using an audio speaker and a tone generating software set to produce a 24 hz sine wave. Just attach a water hose to a speaker, leaving 1 or 2 inches of the hose hanging down )this will let it vibrate once you turn on the speaker).

The only downside of this experiment is that it only works if you look at it through a 24 fps (it’s pretty standard, don’t worry) camera: when the 24 frames per second match the 24 hz produced by the tone generator, the result is this mind blowing illusion of water flowing following a spiral shape.

You can try it too if you like, and you can get different results setting the frequency to 23 hz or 25 hz. Watch the video below.

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