Tesla Introduces A ‘Dog Mode’ To Keep Your Dog Safe And Prevent People From Smashing Your Window

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Have you ever come across a vehicle with dogs inside but no driver in sight? It’s extremely dangerous, especially on an extremely hot day, for dogs to be left inside a car. Hundreds of dogs die of heatstroke each year because their owners leave them inside the vehicle while running some errands.
In some states, public officials are allowed to save the dogs inside the car using any means possible, even by smashing its windows. And there are also states like California, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin, to mention some, that enforce the “Good Samaritan” law, that allows citizens to break a car’s window in order to save a pet in danger.
To make sure pets are safe, and to save everyone the trouble of having their windows smashed, Tesla rolled out a “dog mode”¬†that lets owners leave their dogs in the car while keeping them comfortable and safe. This feature allows the driver to leave the car with air conditioning on at a select temperature to prevent it from overheating, while also keeping the music on and displaying a message on the center tablet telling people that the dog’s owner will be back soon, along with the car’s current temperature. In case of low battery, the car will notify the owner with a notification on their mobile phone. It will be their duty to hurry up and go back to the car immediately.

Tesla recently rolled out a software update that enables the “dog mode”.

Dog mode allows pet owners to leave their pets inside the car with air conditioning on at a select temperatura, preventing the car from overheating.

You can also leave the music playing and a message on the center tablet that says “My owner will be back soon”, along with the current temperature.

Car owners won’t have to worry about people smashing their windows, and their furry friends will be safe and comfy.

Needless to say, bringing your dog with you always is the best option, but in case you really can’t, Tesla’s dog mode seems like a good solution. Let’s only hope people won’t misuse this option to leave their dogs alone in the car for too much time.