Stray Cat Sneaks Into A Nursing Home, Gets Her Dream Job And A Forever Home

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For a healthcare facility to become a home, an atmosphere of love and compassion should always be maintained. That’s why nursing homes go through lengths just to makes sure they have the most prepared and kindhearted healthcare workers and volunteers. But much to this Nursing Home’s surprise, they didn’t have to look far to find their best health care volunteer, as she was the one who found them.
A stray cat in Cleveland, Ohio found the nursing home St. Augustine Health Ministries, and decided she wanted to work and live there. The cat, named Oreo, proved to be the best volunteer St. Augustine ever had. Residents and employees just love her. Most of the residents had pets at home, and having Oreo around makes them feel at home. Oreo is a great help to the employees, she sits by the residents while they wait for their ride, keeps the wheelchairs warm and snuggly, and she’s even willing to work at the reception desk. Before sneaking into St. Augustine, she was just a stray cat, but now she found a family and a forever home to call her own. To see more pics of Oreo and her adventures at St. Augustine, you can visit their website, or their Facebook page.

Meet Oreo, the best volunteer St. Augustine ever had.

She can be of great help to the residents, sitting with them while they wait for their ride

And keeping the wheelchairs warm and snuggly

She’s even willing to help the employees at the reception desk

Once a stray cat, Oreo now has a family and a home she can call her own