This Dog’s Priority Is Guarding His Family’s Bread Every Time His Human Buddies Leave The House

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Jakey is a good pup who loves her family very much.

And because she loves them so much, the caring rottweiler pup likes to make sure that their most valuable possession is safe when they leave the house.

Or at least… what she perceives to be their most valuable possession.

Jakey is convinced that her family values bread above all else and therefore she has taken it upon herself to guard the bread whenever the family can’t be there to guard it themselves.

Katrina Frank

Whenever Jakey’s family leave the house, she fetches the bread bag either from the bread box or the pantry; she has a great sense of smell and always knows where to find it.

She’s even taken it out of the refrigerator when her mom, Katrina Frank, has tried hiding it there.

Then, after retrieving the bread, she usually hides behind the couch with it or places it in her mommy’s closet.

Katrina Frank

“I assume she thinks it’s the most important thing to us because we use it so often,” Frank told The Dodo.

And Jakey takes her responsibility very seriously and has never snuck a taste of the bread.

She just wants her family to be happy and know that their bread is safe.

Katrina Frank

Luckily, Frank and the family don’t have to search the house for their bread every time they return home; once the family is back, Jakey tends to lead Frank to whatever hiding place she’s picked out that day.

And the family doesn’t mind Jakey’s quirky obsession with protecting the bread; they’re just happy that she’s happy and that they have such a lovable and caring pup in the house.