Artist creates unique pieces of art by using just packing tape

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Mark Khaisman is an Ucranian artist based in Philadelphia, USA.
He creates truly unique pieces of art using only packing tape.
His technique consists in applying stripes of translucent tape on a clear backlit panel, in order to create a pictorial illusion formed by light and shadow.
As Mark states on his website, he superimposes layers of translucent tape, playing on different degrees of opacity that produce shadow, transparency, embossment or even color.

The result of Mark’s process is really impressive and we frankly never thought somebody could create art out of packing tape.

Below you can admire our favorite pieces of Khaisman’s work. If you want to see more of his art, take a look at his website:

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mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-4 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-5
mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-3 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-8
mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-14 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-15
mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-10 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-13
mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-9 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-12
mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-7 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-6
mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-2 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-1 mark-khaisman-unbelievable-packing-tape-art-11


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