Impressive architectural patterns in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with its 7 million inhabitants.
However those numbers don’t do justice to the pictures, that look absolutely mind-blowing.
German photographer Michael Wolf explores the incredible urban landscapes of Hong Kong with his ‘Architecture of Density’ photo series.
His pictures, without sky or ground as point of reference, become stunning cityscape patterns.
The distinctive feature of Michael’s work is said to be his ability to “find the symbolic value in those seemingly insignificant details that so often go unnoticed”.

architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-1 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-2
architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-3 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-4
architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-13 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-6
architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-7 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-9
architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-10 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-11


(via twisted sifter)


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