Mom takes ridiculously cute portraits of her 10-month-old baby and their rescue dog

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When you put in the same frame a rescue dog and a cute 10-month-old baby, the result can’t be less than awesome, especially if behind the camera there’s a talented photographer like Grace Chon.
The original idea of sitting her baby Jasper and her dog Zoey side by side wearing the same exact hat came from Grace’s sister, and the resulting photos had immediately a great response from the web.
As we said before, Zoey is a rescue dog. She was born in front of a store in Taiwan and her fate was almost sealed when the store owner washed her and her siblings into the gutter. Luckily a passing schoolgirl managed to save the puppies and carry them and their mom at home, contacted the local Animal Rescue Team that was able to set them for adoption in the Unites States.
What happened next is history, Grace Chon adopted Zoey, that now receives all the care and the love in the world, and happily takes part to the funny photo sessions with Grace and the little Jasper.
See more of Grace Chon’s work on her website, Instagram and Tumblr.
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