Curious study reveals how our body reacts to emotions

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Did you ever wonder why we “feel” the emotions with different parts of our body?
For example have you ever had a strange feeling to the stomach when you’re anxious of felt your cheeks burn like fire when you’re ashamed?

A curious study of the Claremont Graduate University of California finally revealed how our body reacts to every single emotion.
A group of bio medical engineers showed to 700 volunteers a series of emotional videos, imagery and stories in order to stimulate various emotions. The volunteers where subsequently asked to show on a digital silhouette where they “physically” felt these emotions, experiencing an increase of body sensitivity.

The images you see below are the results of the study: depending on the emotion felt, the brain sends signals to different body parts increasing their sensibility. Happiness is the only feeling that completely pervades us, increasing the sensibility of the whole body. Contrariwise, depression almost turns us off, decreasing our bodily activation.
Very peculiar is the reaction to shame, as the most active body parts during this emotion are the cheeks.

Here is the image depicting the different emotions studied during the experiment.

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