30 kids crying for the funniest reasons ever. If you are a parent you will understand…

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Kids can be the cutest thing on Earth, but they can also drive you crazy when they cry for silly reasons. But sometimes the cause of their tears are so absurd that we can’t help but laugh.
Luckily for us, nowadays there’s a funny site for every need, and in this case there is a website called Reasons My Son is Crying, a user submitted collection of kids crying for the funniest reasons. This site has become so popular that they even published a book!
In this post you can see our favorite picks, the ones that made us laugh the most.

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  1. Why are you people taking your kid to a bar? Some of these are like no DUH no wonder your kids are crying?! Your exposing them to things that are evil! Kids can sense those things, but no this world is way to vapid now to realize this!

    • It’s not a bar. It is a tattoo shop……There are mirrors that have brands of alcohol on them that you can buy. My dad for instance has a really awesome one encased in wood with Budwiser on it. Don’t be too quick to judge. You can tell it’s a tattoo shop from the containers in the background where they keep some inks and guns and needles etc.

        • Well, what if you want a tattoo of your child’s face (classy, right?). Everyone knows the best artists work best from life, rather than a reference photo.

        • Maybe his uncle is a tattoo artist and they’re going to visit him?
          Maybe the father is getting a tattoo and he doesn’t want to leave his child with a babysitter? Who knows and what does it matter? It’s not like if a child is in a tattoo shop people are going to tackle him and force him into a tattoo. Geez.

    • i am so sick of all you people just leaving comments why are they there whats the reason was there a celebrity there was there some kind of concert maybe they are going to go pick up someone does the parent look drunk which she do not stop making these assumptions on a picture that u have no idea whats going on in it save your harsh words and your opinions for stuff that ACTUALLY MATTERS not some funny thing on facebook go get fired up about a real problem not something that 100% irrelevant.

  2. Pardon me, but where do you see a child in a bar? I see a mirror with Guinness written on it- but I don’t know of any bars that have desks and office chairs rather than, you know, a bar and barstools. The picture’s caption says “I wouldn’t let him get a tattoo.” You can then assume that the picture is taken in a tattoo parlor, not a bar. And, just to be that guy, it is “you’re” not “your” and “too” not “to.” Also, commas are helpful. Best!

  3. Proverbs 13:24 “whoever spares the rod hates his child, but he who loves them is diligent to discipline them.” [emphasis added]
    you guys need to come back to the foundation of God’s word,when you discipline your kids they will honor you! Bringing them into a bar or not, tattoo shop or not, is not what matters but the parenting is key…. If you love your child, when the ask for bread would you give them a rock? It’s evil when we think we can treat our kids as some kind of crude humor! Love is selfless not for you but for them

    • I completely agree with disciplining children. However, none of these photos depict anything that would need discipline. You clearly don’t have children. Children, even well behaved ones, cry over the silliest things but you should discipline them for it. Many of these are because they didn’t understand something i.e. if you eat all the muffins from the bag they will be gone. You can’t punish a child for not understanding that’s just ridiculous.

  4. But I admit there were some funny ones on here too! Like the poop kid, and such… Haha now that’s good humor 🙂

  5. Hannah, you need to get out and experience the world and quit sitting inside watching “The View”. This world is far from being “vapid”!

  6. Reminds me of my little brother crying during an easter egg hunt because he didn’t want the eggs to be found. All the photos from that day he looks like a wet monster.

  7. LOL This reminds me of mom’s story of me when I was a kid, crying at the beach because I wanted to get out of the water to pee and grandad won’t let me! She said, I thought pee made the seawater salty.

  8. Even better than the kid moaning over meeting Iron Man out of costume is Robert’s expression, like he’s both confused and concerned at the same time!

  9. Umm, no. Looks like Tom Hanks to me, but I just want to go on record as saying I would be very happy to meet Robert Downey Jr. in or out of costume. Taking a kid to a Beiber concert or making them watch Miley is a perfectly reasonable reason to cry. Those kids may be suing before statute of limitations runs out.

  10. I love number 6!! Id soo cry too if i met iron man not in his suit!! lol but these pictures i can so relate to a few with my son!!! this is his first year of school i had to drag him home on the 3rd day cause he didn’t want to leave then when the weekend came all he did was cry all weekend cause there was no school then when Monday came he cried cause he didn’t want to go back to school cause i didn’t let him go all weekend!! he’s 5!!! LOL I love these post there all so real it’s funny!! crazy kiddo’s!! im just really glad our parents didn’t have Facebook or other social sites id hate to see how i was like as a child!! lol (P.s I know my grammar sucks balls!)

  11. 12 isn’t funny. There are kids with wat we call in Dutch ADD that get a miserable feeling from laud music. I could tell you that that it is not nice to have that. But the thing that I really don’t like is that it is not easy to explain it and that other people also don’t understand it.

    • Hi Marissa, there’s written where they come from on the article’s body, along with the link to their book on Amazon.

  12. definitely Bill Murray- yes these are funny! Her Moms name is MOM- Mum is a flower or could be short for mummy!

  13. Crazy I just followed that link- 5 pics- all the same. 4 say Bill Murray 1 says Tom Hanks! Looks like both!! I believe it’s Bill Murray.

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