This Kid Went Through His Parents’ Divorce, And Teaches Us A Lesson We Will Never Forget

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This kid had a beautiful childhood, but one day the life he used to know roughly ended with his parents’ divorce.

The lesson he teaches us is something we should always keep in mind, because money comes and goes, but real love is the only thing a kid really needs to be happy.

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  1. Sooo your father makes 10,000,000$+ a year and your mom is poor…. no alimony at all….. why are people so gullible!!!!!!!! read the stories not just the morals.

  2. why didn’t the dad pay child support….that’s the law n it has nothing to do with separation of the two…n why didn’t the mother get a piece of the wealth???????someone ansa me plzzz

  3. My daughters father is very wealthy is dad (whom just passed away and left her father close to a million dollars, I hear- in different accounts out of Saudi Arabia) we are all white and were born in the states so don’t start with some crazy stuff- anyway I had her at 18 and the day I found out I was pregnant was the last time I saw him- I receive $240 a month in child support – nothing more it is based off his crappy job and he has fought and fought and had high end attorneys- no marriage means no alimony- and even if there was a marriage if the mom worked = no alimony. I work full time and our lease is up at the end of the month and
    I can’t afford another deposit and the landlord is selling this condo so we can’t stay- don’t assume because dad is rich that mom is rich and if they share custody 50/50 dad pays nothing- because he is lying his half
    It’s a messed up system, dads can move in with there children barely surviving and the system does very little

  4. Because not all mothers apply for child support. You dint know their situation. I happily raise my son without child support or alimony.

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