Russian Miner Spends His Work Breaks Photographing Wild Foxes In The Arctic Circle

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Ivan Kislov works as a mining engineer in Chukotka, Russia, which is known for its harsh environment, where only a few of the toughest plants and animals can survive. Working here could be such a tough job, however, it doesn’t seem like a big deal for Kislov, who found a way to make the most out of his work breaks. Whenever he gets the chance, he busts out his camera and makes the brutal winter and the barren landscapes his backdrops for his majestic subjects, the wild foxes. For Kislov, photography became a way to break his routine. He considers himself particularly fortunate to have the chance to spend some of his free time exploring the cold outdoors, taking some great photos. His photographs of foxes have been making quite a noise across social media, and once you see them, you wouldn’t even have to wonder why. Take a look at Kislov’s wonderful photographs of foxes below, and don’t forget to check out more of his work on his website, Facebook, and 500px accounts.
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