Indoor Cat Is Obsessed With Snow, So His Family Brings It Inside For Him Every Time It Snows

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Dibs has two passions in life: his family and snow.

His family discovered his love of snow the first winter he spent with them.

Dibs was a stray when they first got him and so once he moved into their home, they initially allowed him to spend time outside.

When they let him out after it had snowed, they noticed how he would go mad with happiness and throw himself in the snow, playing in the snow for hours on end, never tiring of its icy charm.


After a while, the family decided that it would be safer for Dibs to become an indoor cat full-time, but at the same time they didn’t want to deprive Dibs of his greatest joy in life.

Therefore, one day, they decided that if Dibs couldn’t come to the snow, the snow had to come to Dibs.

Dibs’ cat-dad, Nate Troy, brought a large shovel of snow inside and dumped it on the floor of the enclosed porch.


Dibs was overjoyed. There was no containing his pure happiness and excitement as he immediately started playing in his personal snow pile.

Seeing how happy it made Dibs, his family decided to make it a habit. Every time it snows, they provide Dibs with a large pile of snow and watch how happy it makes him.


There’s nothing they wouldn’t do to keep their beloved kitty happy.

Ever since Troy found Dibs as a stray, all alone in a parking lot, Dibs has had the family wrapped around his paw.


He’s always been a true charmer, which is how he got Troy to adopt him despite Troy’s serious cat allergy.

Once he set his sights on Troy, Troy was defenceless against his charm and knew that he had to make the adorable stray a part of his family, no matter what.


And Dibs truly picked the right family. Not everyone would go to this length to keep their kitty happy.

Dibs has a Facebook page where you can keep up with the snow-loving kitty and his wonderful family.

Now, watch Dibs in action as he plays with his beloved snow:

Dibs the #SnowKitty plays in the snow

Hi! I'm Dibs the Cat, but some people call me #SnowKitty. After this video of me playing in the snow got thousands of 'likes' and 'shares' on Cat Mom's Facebook page, my cat parents decided I am really "all that" and it is beyond time that I have my very own Facebook page. Here is the video that made me famous! My cat parents found me as a stray kitten and took me to their house. They let me stay outside for the first year and I loved it, but I got into some fights with other cats and they were worried I would run away. So, now I am always inside the house. Cat Mom and Cat Dad know how much I miss the snow, so they brought the snow to me!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Dibs the #SnowKitty, Take 2!

Moooorrreee Snnooowwww!!!!!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Monday, November 11, 2019

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