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Husband Animates A Joke Told By His Drunk Wife. The Result Is Hilarious!

One night director, designer and animator Adam Patch recorded his drunk wife telling a joke about two corn chips. Afterwards he decided to use his skills to create a short animated video of the joke, using his wife’s recorded voice to narrate the story.

The video below is the result of his work, and we really have to say that it turned out ridiculously funny.


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  1. Flo


  2. LSP

    Thats the greatest thing ever.

  3. Mike

    That, in itself, is an awesome present.

  4. DerpDerpington


    • NIC


    • Nicole

      Haha! Awesome. You win.

    • i had to read it a billion times..’Jalapeno…’ then baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahbhahaha..! Excellenttttt

    • BloodyCupcake

      HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH??? someone explain pwease! i dont get it…:(

      • Seth

        all up in yo jalapeno

  5. So stupid but so good!

  6. Bryan

    Sound like she has a chip on her shoulder.

  7. Ashley

    Lmao! She totally made this super funny with her giggles.

  8. DarthBurgundy


    Anyone else get depressed when the chip was actually straight up dead at the end?

    • DeanD


    • Cricket

      lil bit. :(

    • GavinSpaceFace

      The joke was funny. the ‘STABBING’ was completely pathetic, and out of theme with everything. Why? Why did he stab and murder him? How was that in any way necessary/

      • Chelsea

        Lolol it was hilarious. Because you think it’s just a little fight but the guy pulls out a knife “en guarde!” Style lolol then poked it in nah – *poke* cho *poke* friend *poke*. Hahaha I died. She made it hilarious.

  9. Denis

    A queso mistaken identity

  10. Jess

    “I donn think you know me” – that line gets me EVERY TIME. Funniest thing ever!

  11. Maria

    Super hilarious! Was great!, been there done that. Great job hubby:)

  12. Cheesy.

  13. Emily

    I watched this three times. It’s just as funny, if not funnier, every time I watch it.

  14. Jill

    OMG I love you. The tapping of the knife with the second nacho friend makes me break out in giggles!!

  15. Soon

    I thought the comment messages where tagged names… (facepalm)

  16. Lacey

    lol 😛

  17. Kristen Taylor

    I seriously watch this vid every day.

  18. emily

    Does his wife have a name or is this all adam’s creative input? “drunk wife” is just his sidekick?

  19. I think the funniest part was when she repeated “nacho friend” and the right one did the 3 little pokes of na-cho-friend lol

  20. sshcabob

    What was the application used for this video many thanks!
    btw. the story was awesome lol. :))

  21. Priya

    I think this is morbid, cute, and hilarious.

    Please make a series!

  22. Just watched this 5 times in a row… love this!

  23. So great. Giggly, intoxicated girls make me laugh. Now…how can I record my ex-girlfriend?

  24. Carmen

    It’s so corny!

  25. KrisGifford (@Kgifford2)

    This is the greatest thing ever!

  26. S'ManthaPs

    What would have been REALLY funny, was if he had a dog come smelling & sniffing around after the chip was dead & licking up his cheese and then get up to the chip, sniff & take a bite. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  27. Far

    Cute but you didn’t have to kill the chip, animator!! (He could have just pointed to him and walked away. The other chip could have cried cheese tears)…

  28. Bert

    And in his dying breath, the other chip said “And I Tortilla friend of mine!”

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