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  • Moving time-lapse transformation of a homeless US Army veteran

    Here on Just Something we often take our time to laugh or to see something beautiful from around the world. Today we want to take some time to think about who no longer has anything. The following video, produced by Rob Bliss Creative, was made for Dégagé Ministries, an association that takes care of homeless and […]

  • This shocking video shows how Photoshopped models are

    Everybody knows that every single photo of actresses, models, actors and generally speaking everyone from the showbiz is probably photoshopped, at least if it isn’t a paparazzi picture. We see these beautiful looking people on glossy magazine covers and wonder how much in that picture is real. On set with the photographer there are super […]

  • 7 things you do online that would be disturbing in real life

    In real life we usually have a certain kind of behavior, we interact with people directly and following the common rules of manners. We avoid entering in conversations between strangers, publicly announcing our relationship status or simply overcompensating the common things that happen in real life. For some reason this behavior is totally upset in […]

  • Awesome Honda’s optical illusion commercial and making of

    Popular Japanese car manufacturer Honda recently released Illusions, a television commercial focused on optical tricks, with the concept explained by the tag line Impossible made possible. The campaign’s aim is to debunk all the preconceptions about expensive and gas-drinker SUVs by presenting Honda CR-V Diesel as the thrifty, economical Sport Utility Vehicle, retaining though all […]

  • Insane bike downhill on the ridge of a canyon will give you vertigo

    We aren’t showing you something creative this time, as we are posting a sport video that gave us shivers down the spine. 11th to 13th October took place in Utah the famous bike downhill race Red Bull Rampage, with talented riders biking insanely fast on the ridge of a canyon. Kelly McGarry is the athlete […]

  • The amazing things that security cameras can see

    We are used to see only bad things such as robbery, violence, car crashes captured by security cameras, but as always even in this case there is a bright side. This beautiful Coca-Cola commercial shows us some of the amazing things that those same cameras can capture: stolen kisses, nice actions, honesty demonstrations, innocuous fights […]

  • Incredible stop-motion video that will totally blow your mind

    Stop-motion technique as a plethora of creative possibilities, though we mostly see it applied in a lot of non innovative ways. What we show you today is a fantastic stop-motion video where a sequence of 4.000 pictures of 350 different faces creates a mind blowing effect, with the subjects of the photos singing along in […]

  • Red Bull Stratos: a never-before-seen video one year after the launch

    It was exactly one year ago when Felix Baumgartner broke three different world records launching from a manned balloon at an altitude of 38,969.3 metres (127,852 feet). Baumgartner set the record for the highest manned balloon flight (at the same height) and fastest speed of free fall at 1,357.64 km/h (843.6 mph), and obviously the highest sky-dive ever, […]

  • Blender company crumbles new iPhones 5S and 5C

    Just like every year, the two mad scientists at Blendtec had fun testing the effectiveness of their blenders smashing and crushing the newest Apple devices. They usually do that with all the most popular electronic devices and also with the weirdest objects. It’s quite hypnotic watching 900 $ devices turning into crumbles in a few […]

  • Chickens brilliantly featured in Mercedes Benz Commercial

    Did you ever expect to see the chickens featured in a luxury car commercial? Apparently chickens and 60.000 $ cars have nothing to do with each other, but the creatives hired by Mercedes Benz for this campaign seem to have found a valid analogy, and used it to advertise their cars. If you have ever […]

  • 8 everyday products you’ve been using wrong

    We use every day hundreds of objects, we use them with ease, almost as an automatism. That’s how we’ve always utilized them, no way it’s the wrong way, right? Nothing could be more wrong! Sometimes we take for granted the use of everyday objects, without discovering the real potential … Lets see together 8 items […]

  • Brighten your day with the best Vines of 2013

    Lets take a look at the best Vines videos recorded this year. If you enjoyed this post, don’t be selfish, share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter (links are in the right sidebar)

  • Camera attached to an Eagle’s back lets you fly like a bird

    Men always wanted to fly, Leonardo da Vinci aimed to build a sort of a flying machine a few centuries ago, and in 1903 the Wright brothers managed to fly with a glider for the first time in the human history. The most part of you probably have already flown on board of an airplane, […]

  • Brilliant stop-motion video of a man getting a reverse haircut

    There is no limit to the human imagination. Artist Peter Simon, aka Peter Boy, has created this nice stop-motion video of a reverse haircut. The process involved  taking 300 pictures during the cut, just to rearrange them later to create the illusion of a reverse haircut. A touch of class is that all the changes […]

  • The rise of One World Trade Center, timelapse (2004-2013)

    12 years ago the world was shocked by the terrible attack to the World Trade Center. Since then an indelible image’s imprinted within each of us. It seems incredible so much time has passed, the memory of those two giants collapsing like sand castles on a warm September morning is still vivid. Like in fairy tales, […]

  • Revolutionary mobile phone concept can change the whole industry

    Every once in a while a brilliant idea shows up on the web. Sometimes everything remains a scratch on a piece of paper, and sometimes a revolutionary project finds some funding and sees the light a few month later. We don’t know if this project will be feasible or not, for sure the design is […]

  • Hilarious video shows how life would be without smartphones

    Nowadays we are used to take internet, email and social networks always always with us. Just imagine how it would be having to manage all the “analog” versions of email, twitter, facebook or even games like Angry Birds. Qualcomm, in collaboration with the English agency The Viral Factory thought about it, and realized ​a funny […]

  • Russian Tampax Commercial gets straight to the point

    The Russians don’t need images of women playing tennis, wearing white pants and riding around on horses all day to sell tampons, they get straight to the point. Well, maybe in a bit crude way but the result is definitely funny. Do you agree with us? Let us know what you think in the comments. Don’t […]