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  • Fantastic photos of “Burning Man”, counter-culture event taking place in the desert

    Over the past four years, photographer Trey Ratcliff attended Burning Man, and plunged into the essence of this annual event in the Nevada desert. This counter-culture event is all about community, art, self-expression, self-sufficiency, meditation and anything else that breaks the barrier of morality and fear of ridicule. Through his lens, he captures the essence […]

  • 33 amazing ideas that will make your house awesome

    Everybody has a dream house in his mind, some of you may want a pool, or maybe an aquarium, somebody else’s dream could be a firepit inside the living room. But how weird can your desires get? Bored Panda compiled a list of 33 amazing (and creative) ideas that will make your house awesome, some […]

  • The 50 funniest faces in everyday objects

    It surely happened at least once to everyone of you to discern the shape of a human face in an everyday object. This funny phenomenon is called pareidolia, and because of it a lot of online communities gathering the most unique faces in everyday objects came up all around the web You can watch below […]

  • The rise of One World Trade Center, timelapse (2004-2013)

    12 years ago the world was shocked by the terrible attack to the World Trade Center. Since then an indelible image’s imprinted within each of us. It seems incredible so much time has passed, the memory of those two giants collapsing like sand castles on a warm September morning is still vivid. Like in fairy tales, […]