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  • What if superheroes lived in the 16th century?

    Have you ever wondered how would your favorite superheroes have looked like if their adventures were set in the 16th century? Probably such question never came to your mind before, but good for us that’s something French photographer Sacha Goldberger asked himself before creating the original photo series Super Flemish, where he depicts some of […]

  • This 19-year old girl takes some of the most beautiful dog portraits you’ve ever seen

    Despite her young age, 19-year-old Polish photographer Alicja Zmyslowska is one of the most talented dog photographers we’ve ever seen. Like great “people” portrait photographers, she doesn’t just capture the moment, but also the real personality of the subjects. During a recent interview she told Bored Panda that before landing on dog portrait photography she’s […]

  • Old Faithful: beautiful and intimate portraits of our beloved old furry friends

    Dogs are man’s best friends, and sometimes we are blessed with the opportunity to spend a big part of our journey in this world with a dog as an inseparable companion. The photo series “Old Faithful” is the beautiful tribute from Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne to our beloved canine friends, carrying all the signs of […]

  • Photographer takes breathtaking maternity photos of underwater mermaid moms

    There aren’t many things in this world more beautiful than a “mom-to-be”, and Florida-based photographer Adam Opris knows it so well. Adam is a wedding and lifestyle photographer and created one of the most beautiful maternity photo series we’ve ever seen: as he recently wrote on Bored Panda, he tries to bring mermaids out of […]

  • Photographer Captures What Happens Underwater When Our Puppies Take A Bath

    Many of you probably remember the work of lifestyle pet photographer Seth Casteel, who in 2012 became an overnight internet sensation thanks to his beautiful photo series Underwater Dogs, which also became a New York Times best-seller book. Now Seth Casteel is back with a new puppy-related photo series and a new book, Underwater puppies, […]

  • This Is The New Black Hamburger From Japan’s Burger Kings. Here’s What’s Inside.

    When it comes to “thinking different”, Japanese are probably the most talented in the world. While in the past we’ve covered their craziest inventions, today we present their next culinary creations, two black hamburgers that every Japanese will have the opportunity to taste at their local Burger Kings. Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl burgers’ black […]

  • This is Venus, the most amazing cat in the world

    Not a day goes by without Mother Nature creating something amazing, and Venus, a cat with fur color split exactly down the middle of her face, is a perfect example of how awesome nature can be. Like always happens these days, Venus has become an internet celebrity, with over 250,000 fans on her Facebook page. […]

  • Metal Cats, Hardcore Metal Musicians Posing With Their Loved Felines

    Alexandra Crockett is the polyhedric artist who created the photo series Metal Cats, which features hard ore metal musicians posing with their beloved cats. Metalheads have the reputation of being tough guys, and with her work Alexandra tries to explore their softer side. The musicians portrayed in Metal Cats are members of bands like Napalm […]

  • 20 Magical Photos That Will Completely Change Your Mind About These Tiny Creatures

    Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is the author of the magical photos you’ll see in this post. I’m used to consider macro photography as an incredibly beautiful kind of art, but definitely more based on technique and skills than emotion, if compared to different branches of photography like portraiture or photojournalism. Vyacheslav managed to do something […]

  • These Photos Of Tears Under A Microscope Reveal An Incredible Fact

    Too many times we take things for granted, losing the opportunity to learn something awesome. Fortunately there are still people driven by curiosity who give us the chance to understand the world, starting from the little things. Photographer and artist Rose-Lynn Fisher is one of these people: with her project The Topography of Tears, she […]

  • 42 Epic Moments Captured Just At The Right Time

    The best thing that could happen to somebody with a camera in his hands is capturing a picture just at the perfect time, and this is exactly what happened at the people who shot these photos. Sure, they’ve been a bit lucky, but the results are absolutely stunning. Have you ever taken a perfectly timed […]

  • 27 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen

    How many time have you been home alone with no will to cook your meal? I usually end up making the same sandwich time after time, just to ask myself why I didn’t choose to go out for lunch. These 27 amazing food hacks will make eating so much funnier you will wonder how you […]