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  • 24 Of The Funniest Notes Ever Written

    In our digital era, emails replaced hand-written mails, real talks happen through chat apps, and social media platforms replaced most real social interactions. Because of this, personal and tangible types of notes aren’t really seen that much anymore. However, if you really want to make an impression by being creative, romantic and very personal, a […]

  • 15+ WTF Photos From Russian Social Networks That Make No Sense At All

    There are odd photos, and then there are odd photos from Russian social networks. We don’t quite get what they’re for, or what they mean, or even what we’re supposed to feel, they’re just kind of there. It might be a cultural thing or a generational thing? Differences are what colors history and we should […]

  • 32 Hilariously Awkward Times People Got Caught Red-Handed

    We have all been in awkward situations, one way or another, and this is the reason why we all can relate to the #IGotCaught hashtag launched by Jimmy Fallon on his tonight show. The hashtag became immediately trending worldwide, with people sharing their awkward moments. From farting incidents, to stalking mishaps, and overboard lying, you’ll […]

  • 24 Hilarious Life Struggles That Are So True They Hurt

    Life has its ups and downs, and day to day life can sometimes get too complicated and mundane at the same time. It can get too much real quick, and then we find ourselves left with a pile of dishes to wash on the kitchen sink, an empty fridge, and running late for an important […]

  • 12 Hilarious Sibling Pranks That Perfectly Sum Up Brotherhood

    As many people say, siblings are your first competition. Sibling rivalry is so real that most of them have fond, hilarious, and the occasionally sad sibling-related memories from childhood. When you have a sibling, life is never boring. You’ll always have someone to play with, argue with, and someone to blame when something goes wrong. Family reunions […]

  • 22 Times The World Has Been Way More Clever Than Than We Expected

    The world has seen many inventions and innovations over the years, and we are just getting started. From graphic design and literature, to science and engineering, we see new ideas spring up from all parts of the world. It takes one small idea to complete a project and make a big impact on other people’s […]

  • 19 Perfect Things That Prove The World Is Still A Good Place To Live In

    We hear about lots of terrible things happening in the world every day. Even so, we do not lose heart as we continue to see rainbows after the rain through simple and adorable things that occur in our daily lives. Just like these 20 stories we are sharing with you through photos and videos, they […]

  • 20 People Who Should Have Checked The Background Before Taking A Selfie

    Selfies are the norm these days, as we all have phones equipped with front cameras able to produce high-resolution photos. Selfies bound for Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and other social media go through curation and many edits and filters. Despite this, sometimes we miss something and get totally embarrassed online with unintentionally snapped items in the […]

  • 20 Brilliant People Who Covered Up Their Birthmarks In The Most Creative Ways Ever

    We truly cannot limit the mind’s capability to create. Whether creating something from scratch or working on something for improvement, our mind has countless ways of making brilliant things. The same context is expressed through these tattoos, used to cover up birthmarks of various shapes and sizes. Most of the cover-ups are so flawless you […]

  • These Are Definitely 22 Of The Coolest Teachers In The World

    School is an avenue where some of life’s earliest challenges happen. As a student, one way or another, we’ve come to a point of not wanting to attend class at all. Fortunately, it won’t always be the case because cool teachers exist. These cool teachers become our heroes as they magnificently show us that they […]