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  • Want to create the perfect logo? Here is an easy 11 steps guide

    Borja Acosta de Vizcaino is a Spanish industrial designer who, inspired by Webdesigner Depot’s 4 essential rules of effective logo design, created a mini-guide of 11 steps to follow in order to create the perfect logo. 11 advices that will help you keeping in mind the crucial things to value while creating a logo. If […]

  • 8 things you probably don’t know about eating sushi

    Ok, you probably have eaten sushi before, and there’s a good chance the most part of you absolutely love it, but are you sure you are eating it the right way? In the following infographic you will learn 8 things you probably don’t know about eating sushi, and if you will follow these 8 advices […]

  • 16 imaginative LEGO ads that celebrate the power of fantasy

    I guess everybody reading this post has played at least once in his lifetime with LEGO. These little colored bricks are without any doubt one of the most creative activities for kids (not only kids, I would say…). With few colored blocks of LEGO you can build a whole new world and I really can’t […]

  • The selfie syndrome: This infographic reveals how social media is making us more narcissistic

    Nowadays more and more people choose to put their lives on display on Facebook and Twitter. The social networks in general are becoming the quintessence of narcissism, with many people striving to be always in the spotlight. Problems, successes and personal events are made public hoping to draw somebody’s attention. Have we always been so […]

  • 14 cynical minimalistic posters unveil the truth and lies we say in modern life

    We truly love minimalistic posters that tell some inconvenient truth about our everyday life with debunking irony, that’s why we’ve been immediately captivated by these illustrations by Justin Barber. The concept behind this series is that often the true meaning of our words is hidden behind what we really say. With the clever use of […]

  • Are you a dog or a cat person? Find it out with this infographic

    Every single behavior of a person can say a lot about his character and even preferences about pets can denote different types of personality. Pet Supplies created an infographic about this topic and in our opinion that’s a pretty interesting read. Did you know for example that if you’re a dog person you’re more likely […]

  • 25 of the most ridiculous client comments according to creatives

    Sometimes clients can be a real nightmare, no matter which your occupation is, you are probably struggling everyday against the obtuseness of some clients. However, the kind of professions that historically catalyze the biggest number of incredibly stubborn and unreasonable clients are the creative ones. In particular we should give credit to graphic designers and […]

  • Was Apple iOS 7 designed in Microsoft Word?

    As many of you may already know, iOS 7, the latest Apple’s mobile operating system, was criticized by many experts and everyday users due to his exaggeratedly minimalistic design. Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc., abandoned the long-used skeuomorphism for the aforementioned minimalism, and according to many he went too far. A […]

  • The evolution and the future of famous logos

    As we always say, the logo is probably the most important part of a brand’s identity. Designing a logo looks like an easy task from the outside, but it’s usually a long process, as the designers usually have to create a lot of drafts before a final choice is made. As you already know logo […]

  • What if brands had a honest slogan?

    Logos and relative payoffs are a crucial part of branding. These symbols contain the soul and the essence of companies, that through slogans explain their philosophy. But as we all know, companies often “lie”, communicating a message slightly different from reality. What’d happen if companies used payoff that actually reflects reality? The blog Honest Slogans is […]

  • 12 Movie posters redesigned in 8-bit computer game look

    Do you remember the good old 8-bit game consoles? At the turn of the eighties and nineties Nintendo and Sega were the most diffused systems for home gaming in the world, and games like Super Mario, Sonic, Zelda or Mega Man were the big fishes in the pond at that time. The way 8-bit games […]

  • 10 famous websites and how they looked like in 1998

    Internet is constantly changing and it’s been a long way down the road since 1998. Graphic has changed, coding has changed, technology has changed, almost everything in the web has changed, but some big names are still there. It’s quite nostalgic but interesting taking a look at what the home pages of famous sites looked […]

  • 8 clever fast food logos redesigned with a fat look

    Adelbanfeel is a Saudi Arabian graphic designer who, after succeeding in losing weight, redesigned some of the most famous junk food logos in the way he really sees them. On his Behance page he published this project made of 8 famous brands with added fat. For example the big slim “M” for McDonalds became a […]

  • 13 popular movie posters cliches

    We see hundreds of movie posters every year, but did you notice that most of them are actually more similar than they appear? If you look at movie posters belonging to the same genre of movie, you’ll notice that creativity is rare among the creators of those posters. Thanks to French Blogger Christophe Courtois we […]