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  • 21 Hilarious Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Adulthood

    As kids we wished we could grow up fast. We slipped our feet into daddy’s big shoes, put on mommy’s lipstick, and vowed that when we get older, it’s going to be so awesome. Little did we know, adult life isn’t exactly as peachy as it sounded when we were little. There’s bills and then […]

  • 25 People Who Are Cartoon Characters’ Perfect Real Life Counterparts

    They say that every human has at least one look-alike, but what if yours was a cartoon character? The following pictures are a collection of humans looking exactly like characters from popular cartoons, from the exact Gru look-alike to a real-life beautiful Elsa, these real-life counterparts are just amazing. (h/t: boredpanda) 1. Linguini – Ratatouille […]

  • 22 Memes You And Your Co-Workers Will Totally Relate To

    If you are employed, you know fairly well that there are a lot of struggles in the work place. Your bosses, your colleagues, the work environment are just a few of the obstacles you have to deal with at work. This post is for those of you who are holding on despite the challenges. We […]

  • 20 Uninspirational Quotes You’ll Love If You Hate Inspirational Quotes

    Realists are practical people. They would rather gather facts and think of every possible negative outcome of a decision to negate it rather than dwell on uncertain hopes and wishes. If you are one of them, you came to the right place. We’ll do you the honor of getting rid of all those fairytale-inspired quotes […]

  • 15 Children’s Book Covers Photoshopped In Hilarious Ways

    If you are a fan of classic novels, then you probably are familiar or even well-acquainted with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Sweet Valley Twins. We’d like to give the credit to Paperback Paradise for making cool post cards out of these classic novels’ book cover and giving them a hilarious twist. With the help […]

  • 15 Genius Parents Trolling Their Kids With Their Hilarious Sense Of Humor

    Some children are blessed with open-minded parents. By open-minded we mean parents who are able to shake away their old culture to go with the flow of today’s generation. We’ve compiled photos below to show you some of the world’s coolest, quirkiest and most genius parents ever. These parents prove that they are definitely well-oriented […]

  • 15 Hilarious Tweets Only Introverts Will Truly Understand

    We are back with pieces of information about our introvert readers. Well, if you are an extrovert, it’s totally fine, this may be the right time you learn how an introvert brain works so you can get along with them. It’s fairly hard to put up with different people, and we will be hearing some struggles […]

  • 25 Genius People Who Took The Instructions Way Too Literally

    Ever had the urge to dish out a sarcastic remark but had to bite it back? Or maybe you’re obliged to follow through with instructions and do it resentfully. Or perhaps there are just some weird and far out details people demand from you. A better way to respond? Take the high road and simply […]

  • 32 Hilarious Facebook Comebacks That Burn Too Much To Be Forgotten

    We see the many things going on in people’s lives on Facebook: the ups and downs, both drama and funny moments, and a copious amount of selfies and humble-bragging photos. Memes and videos go around, as well as quotes and those trendy short poems about the rain and flowers growing in some unfortunate person’s ribs. […]

  • 20+ Pictures That Will Just Make Your Day So Much Better

    Laughter is the best medicine. Aside from that fact, we also just want to make your day by sending out good vibes through perfectly concocted recipes for a good and hearty laugh. And since we can’t get enough of serving you your daily platter of anti-boredom madness, here we are again with a compilation of […]

  • This Professor Adds Hilarious Doodles To His Science Students’ Tests

    A while back, we’ve wrote a post here at Just Something about clever kids who used humor to sarcastically answer their exams. However, a teacher finally came out of his box to regain the crown and prove that teachers can certainly outwit their students. Squeezymo, an Imgur user who happens to be a quirky science […]

  • Deadpool And Wolverine Are Trolling Each Other On Twitter, And It’s The Best Battle Ever

    If you dream of living a peaceful life, then you might want to stray from Hollywood and pass on the opportunity of being a celebrity. However, despite the bashing, gossips, and intense Twitter battles between fans, haters, and fellow celebrities, there are two famous stars appearing to be very good sports at this chaotic Hollywood scheme. It’s […]

  • 20+ Hilariously Relatable Parent Memes That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

    The life of parents never lack for action. And while some would argue that it has too much action, we can’t deny that it has its perks as well. Nothing quite compares to seeing your kid’s first steps, hearing their first words, and seeing them hit their first home run. Like all things, it has […]

  • 32 People Hilariously Messing With Book Covers

    Librairie Mollat’s Instagram account has sparked a witty humor among its viewers. The quirky attempt of people posing alongside books to match its covers was started by Mollat, the first independent bookstore in France. The brilliance behind the humor is revealed through the fact that no matter what book cover that is, as long as […]

  • 20 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Will Make You Laugh Way More Than You Should

    Love cute cats? We do too! It’s a good thing the internet never runs out of new and totally adorable photos of cats. The best part is, they never run out of hilarious moves and poses to take photos of. We’ve caught them in suspicious situations, awkward poses, and with goofy expressions on their tiny […]

  • 32 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Fatherhood

    We know how kids can be complete idealists. Often, they get fantasy mixed up with the real world because of so much fairy tales we tell them. Dads, on other hand, are complete realists most of the time. The struggle begins when opposites collide but the idealist obviously has got some big advantage. These dads […]

  • 24 Of The Funniest Notes Ever Written

    In our digital era, emails replaced hand-written mails, real talks happen through chat apps, and social media platforms replaced most real social interactions. Because of this, personal and tangible types of notes aren’t really seen that much anymore. However, if you really want to make an impression by being creative, romantic and very personal, a […]

  • 15+ WTF Photos From Russian Social Networks That Make No Sense At All

    There are odd photos, and then there are odd photos from Russian social networks. We don’t quite get what they’re for, or what they mean, or even what we’re supposed to feel, they’re just kind of there. It might be a cultural thing or a generational thing? Differences are what colors history and we should […]