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  • Hilarious New Meme Sparks On Mother’s Day, And We All Can Relate To It

    It’s May and one of its highlights is the very special day dedicated to our dear mothers. In line with that, a new internet craze was lit over Twitter in form of a hilarious meme. It was Twitter user @daviddeweil who started it all by asking the internet to name three of their mom’s album […]

  • 31 Hilariously Cheap Chinese Imitations That Will Make You Cringe

    China is a huge and beautiful country, home of some of the biggest companies of the world, such as Lenovo, Tencent, China Mobile and many others. On the other hand they also have always been popular for their cheap imitation brands, an issue difficult to solve since these products are way cheaper than the originals […]

  • 32 Times Celebrities Have Been The Most Hilarious Parents On Twitter

    Thanks to Twitter we can now follow our favorite celebrities and keep up with their careers and even their personal lives. A few of them have been boldly sharing on Twitter their joy of being a parent and their struggles of raising a child, turning these nerve racking experience into extremely hilarious tweets. Here are […]

  • 25 Photos Proving That Cats Are Basically Ninjas

    Cats continually amaze us with the many things they are capable of doing. They can make us laugh, and even make us tear up with just one look at their googly eyes. But just when you think you’ve seen it all, we are once again proven wrong. Behind that adorable and fluffy facade, these furry […]

  • 16 Of The Most Hilariously Awkward Moments Ever

    We’ve all had our fair share of awkward moments. From the jungle of high school and the haze that was college, there were probably times when you wished for the ground to swallow you whole. Embarrassing and tricky situations often get the best of us but the best part is, a few years later, we […]

  • 24 Of The Most Awkward Autocorrects Ever

    The autocorrect feature on most smartphones today can either be the ultimate lifesaver or the bane of our messaging lives. One too many times, autocorrect has saved us from sending messages riddled with errors in spelling or grammar. However, more often than any of us would like or even admit, autocorrect becomes this unpredictable beast […]

  • 15 Hilarious Signs That Will Make You Want To Go To Church This Sunday

    Churches are solemn and spiritual places and people don’t see them as places where you go to have fun. Some priests though are trying to revert this commonplace by inviting people to the Sunday mass with some witty lines displayed outside their churches. They’re so funny that, whether you use to go to church or not, chances […]

  • 12 Genius Parents With The Best Sense Of Humor Ever

    Raising a child requires so much effort and dedication, especially in these times, characterized by such a strong technological divide between parents and sons. Despite this, these parents we are about to show you prove that they are totally up for the challenge. No matter how advanced their kids may be with technology, these parents […]

  • 24 Hilarious Reasons Why Walmart Is The Classiest Place On Earth

    Class and elegance are subjective, but in the average American’s mind, there is no place that embodies these two qualities more than Walmart. These 24 glamorous photos are the living proof of what I’m trying to say. If you are looking for the place where stylish people go, Walmart is definitely the right answer. 1. […]

  • 26 Hilarious Proofs That Idiots Are Among Us

    Internet is the place where everybody can share thoughts and opinions without fear of censorship, and this is obviously a good thing. But what happens when idiots sit in front of their computer and share their thoughts with the world? You will find the answer in the 26 following pictures. Needless to say, it’s hilarious. […]

  • 14 Dads Who Aren’t Pretty Enough For Their Daughters

    They say a daughter is the apple of daddy’s eye and we definitely agree. Little girls can ask for just about anything, flash a charming smile, bat those lashes, and their wish is their daddy’s command. Not to say that girls are spoiled, but there is just a certain charm in daughters that always hits […]

  • People Are Tweeting Their Worst “Neighbor Stories” And Its Just Hilarious

    Here comes Jimmy Fallon with the hashtag game on Twitter again. This time he asked people to tweet weird neighbor stories, and let’s be honest, who hasn’t at least one absurd and funny neighbor story to tell? The internet’s response has been overwhelming as usual, with people flooding Twitter with the #myweirdneighbor hashtag. Read on to […]

  • 18 Weird Things Cat Owners Will Never Admit They Secretly Do

    If you’re a cat owner, you know there are things only cat owners can fully understand. There are so many things you’ve done that may seem weird to those who don’t have a cat. Some are slightly embarrassing, and quite a few you’d never actually admit. Here are 18 awkward things all cat owners do, […]

  • 16 Hilarious Pictures Proving That Office Humor Is The Best Humor

    If you have ever worked as an employee, you will agree that at times the workplace is the least place we want to go to. Angry bosses and not-so-friendly colleagues often make it a stressful place. Despite all of this, when a fire of laughter is lit, it sets ablaze every single cubic centimeter of […]

  • 24 Genius People Who Fixed Broken Stuff In The Most Brilliant Way Ever

    Everyone knows the feeling of getting something broken that was once really useful to us. Whether it’is a broken mug, a shattered vase, or a cracked cellphone case, the feeling is equally sad. However, do not lose hope because these people with brilliant fixing abilities are sharing with us a few of their victories in […]

  • 18 Times Drunk People Outsmarted Their Sober Selves

    Alcohol consumption brings about changes in our bodily processes, most specifically when you drink so much you get drunk. Many of the most unforgettable, hilarious, and even embarrassing things in life, happen when a person is not sober. To prove that, some people are brave enough to share with the internet their awesome experiences involving their […]