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  • 22 Genius People Who Are Already Living In The Damn Future

    What is it like to live in 3017? If you want to know the answer, or better yet see it for yourselves, take a look at the following images. You may be thinking about bizarre technological advancements, eccentric fashion styles, and state of the art architecture, but the photos below are quite different. These hilarious […]

  • 15+ Hilarious Times Animals Were Caught Red-Handed

    We all know that pets are not only adorable creatures, but they are also clever as heck. They can be all cuddly and cute, but they can also be such sneaky little foxes. These owners caught them off guard with facial expressions so guilty they are going to make your day. It may come as a […]

  • 15+ Weird 1970s Men’s Fashion Ads That Are Just Too Much Too Handle

    The fact that the men’s current fashion style is sleek and simple, makes it interesting to know about an era when men’s clothing was so much different. Such audacity in the fashion industry was exemplified during the 1970s where style was so aggressive, it was borderline controversial. Some items were extremely fashionable, and some others […]

  • 27 Hilarious Couples That Are Totally Winning At Marriage

    One way to spice up a relationship is to poke fun at each other, and pranks are always a good way to make our loved one laugh. Here are some of the funniest and craziest pranks by 27 eccentric couples who are totally winning at marriage. Some of these are as easy as being too literal, and some […]

  • 15+ Hilarious First-World Anarchists Who Couldn’t Care Less About Your Rules

    Modern society is kept in order by a wide set of rules, written and not written, that prevent chaos from taking control of the world. We can easily divide people in three categories: citizens who respect the rules, criminals who refuse to respect even he most basic rules of our society, and first-world anarchists, those […]

  • 33 Pastry Chefs Who Are Definitely Nailing This Whole Decoration Thing

    Mistakes just part of life, but they could also be extremely hilarious at times. If you are a pastry chef, one of the worst things you can do in your job is completely misunderstanding the message to place on the cake, and these decorators probably did the worst mistakes ever. From absurd misspellings, to literally observed instructions, […]

  • 24 Badass Parents Who Are Mastering Texting Way Better Than Their Kids

    We use to think that parents are outsmarted by their children in things that involve technology and smartphones, like in texting perhaps. We assume they’ll never keep up with internet slang, memes, GIFs, and other web trends, but what we are about to show will totally change your mind. Here are some snapshots of conversations […]

  • 24 Old School Struggles Today’s Kids Have No Idea We Had To Deal With

    In this day and age, we are hardly surprised when some new technological advancement surfaces. We’ve become so accustomed to technology and the constant upgrade that few remember what it was like back then when the internet was young and phones didn’t fit comfortably in one hand. Kids nowadays can’t even tell what a first […]

  • 24 Brilliant Inventions Every Lazy Person Will Love

    Our lives are hectic and there are just certain things we don’t have time to do. You know, things like working out and making our own food, or even sleep. Sarcasm aside, there are plenty of tools nowadays to make daily tasks simpler and quicker to do. There are, however, a few of these tools […]

  • 32 Hilarious Cats Who Are So Dramatic They Deserve An Oscar

    Cats are probably the most dramatic creatures in the animal kingdom, no wonder they are always making it to the internet’s most viral list. Since they just never run out of things to show us, the lime light is theirs again with another winning performance of showing off their epic facial expressions. Seriously though, if […]

  • 24 Of The Most Hilarious Cat Photobombs Ever Happened

    Cats are graceful, stealthy, silly, and weird in equal parts all at the same time. For these furry creatures, there is no middle ground, they’re either perfectly stand-offish and chill or they’re all cuddly and hyper, but one thing we know for sure, they love to be in the spotlight and the will do all […]

  • 18 Hilarious Struggles Only People With Siblings Will Understand

    Siblings aren’t usually the best of friends when they are young. And if you have a sibling you’ll probably agree that most of your childhood was spent plotting your diabolical plans of ruining each other’s lives. Later in life you’ll both forget all the old fights and will always have each other’s back when you grow older. […]

  • 30 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Describe How Being A Parent Works

    Being a parent is probably the hardest job in the world, you are on call for 24 hours, 7 days a week, you literally have zero days off, and moms and dads aren’t even getting paid for it. However, despite of all of this, being a parent is still the best thing that could happen […]