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  • 24 Times Using The Wrong Font Made All The Difference

    The world of advertising and branding is a complex one, and we mere mortals can sometimes get lost in translation. Designers seem to have a deep well of genius they tap into when they come up with new marketing schemes and collateral. However, human as we are, everyone makes mistakes. Each minute detail must be […]

  • 32 Hilariously Awkward Times People Got Caught Red-Handed

    We have all been in awkward situations, one way or another, and this is the reason why we all can relate to the #IGotCaught hashtag launched by Jimmy Fallon on his tonight show. The hashtag became immediately trending worldwide, with people sharing their awkward moments. From farting incidents, to stalking mishaps, and overboard lying, you’ll […]

  • 24 Cat Pictures That Are And Will Always Be Hilarious

    Cats are the drama queens of the animal kingdom. They can show off some attitude, and sometimes they even nail the look of being annoyed and pissed, yet we find them adorable more and more each day. They can also look adorably vulnerable that you just want to squeeze them and put them in your […]

  • 24 Hilarious Life Struggles That Are So True They Hurt

    Life has its ups and downs, and day to day life can sometimes get too complicated and mundane at the same time. It can get too much real quick, and then we find ourselves left with a pile of dishes to wash on the kitchen sink, an empty fridge, and running late for an important […]

  • 12 Hilarious Sibling Pranks That Perfectly Sum Up Brotherhood

    As many people say, siblings are your first competition. Sibling rivalry is so real that most of them have fond, hilarious, and the occasionally sad sibling-related memories from childhood. When you have a sibling, life is never boring. You’ll always have someone to play with, argue with, and someone to blame when something goes wrong. Family reunions […]

  • 24 Hilarious Animal Snapchats That Will Make Your Day So Much Better

    In the world of Snapchat, there is an endless potential for humor and animals are not exempted. With their natural playfulness, it is not rare to find them stuck in a peculiar position or catching them in the act of mischief. Snap snap, add a clever text, and post! Within minutes, people will get to […]

  • 45 Tumblr Posts About Animals That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

    If you’re looking for some good laugh, well then you are in the right place. Here at Just Something we aim to deliver instant pick me ups guaranteed to make your day even brighter. Whether you are feeling tired or sad, you can shake off the negativity by scrolling through these hilarious photos of animals. […]

  • 10+ Smartass Kids Who Made The Best Of A Bad Situation

    Let’s face it, many of us don’t do very well in tests. Whether we studied all night or decided to go YOLO, we have all had days when coming up with the right answer was such a challenge. Arguably, kids these days are way smarter than we are, and these photos prove that. Albeit sarcastic, […]

  • 12 Heartbreaking First-World Cat Problems

    As problem-free as they may seem, cats also have their fair share of gloomy days. Whether it is jealousy about other cats in the internet or about the sad reality of being neutered, every first-world cat problem will have you bawling in seconds. All it takes is one look at their goopy little eyes, and […]

  • 23 Times Animals Were The Biggest Adorable Jerks Ever

    Animals are born with abilities different from what we have. They can naturally camouflage, they can fly, they can omit poison for self-defense, and a lot of other cool stuff. In contrast with that, they clearly are not as intellectual as humans. Since they can’t communicate with us, we find it hard to comprehend what […]

  • 22 Of The Most Hilarious Kitchen Fails Ever

    Every single person has at least a certain craft they are good at. On the contrary, there are also skills that are not really meant for us to master. If you ever felt like you really love doing something but it doesn’t seem to love you back, you’ll surely relate to these people involved in […]

  • What Would Happen If Dictionaries Were Totally Honest

    Language is very dynamic and evolves through the years, with many new additions as our culture develops. And while dictionaries are usually reliable sources of definitions, there are some things we can’t find in its scholarly pages. With many coined words from the past 5 years, it’s hard to keep up with the nuances of […]

  • 20 People Who Should Have Checked The Background Before Taking A Selfie

    Selfies are the norm these days, as we all have phones equipped with front cameras able to produce high-resolution photos. Selfies bound for Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and other social media go through curation and many edits and filters. Despite this, sometimes we miss something and get totally embarrassed online with unintentionally snapped items in the […]

  • 24 Cats Who Should Probably Reconsider Their Life Decisions

    Cats are generally believed to be clever, but like the rest of us mortals, they’re prone to making terrible life decisions. Not exactly the brightest in the animal kingdom, we often catch them in awkward situations. With their natural sass and attitude, it is often very amusing to see them in less-than-ideal positions. Whether stuck […]

  • 19 Hilarious ‘Shitty Life Tips’ That Will Make Your Life Easier

    Life hacks have been an important resource on the web for quite some time. People looks for them online with the hope to make some everyday tasks a little easier. There’s a similar, but much funnier, trend online these days: people on Reddit are posting ‘shitty life tips’ on a dedicated subreddit, writing hilariously wrong […]

  • 20 Times Bad Phrasing Made Things Totally Different

    Double meanings are a reality in language, and even more so with English. Ambiguous statements can result from misplaced punctuation, improper phrasing and fragments. People could get unintentionally in trouble with a misleading statement and wrong wording. The following images show us bad phrasing that are so bad they are actually hilarious. Scroll down and […]

  • What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Weren’t Famous At All

    Celebrities have always been idolized for their looks. Aside from talent, they close deals and make a lot of money with their gorgeous physical appearance. From expensive cosmetics to major surgeries, many celebrities would go through anything that would enhance their physical features. However, have you ever wondered what these gorgeous celebrities would look like […]

  • 12 Hilarious Times The Internet Taught Us How To Recognize Famous Painters

    There’s no place quite like the Internet to mock certain things other people would consider perfectly classy and cultured. Those expensive paintings that have their own security and people crowd over into museums to see? They’re made by world renowned artistsbut nope, they didn’t escape the fire. All is fair in love and war, as […]