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  • 24 Of The Most Hilarious Cat Photobombs Ever Happened

    Cats are graceful, stealthy, silly, and weird in equal parts all at the same time. For these furry creatures, there is no middle ground, they’re either perfectly stand-offish and chill or they’re all cuddly and hyper, but one thing we know for sure, they love to be in the spotlight and the will do all […]

  • 18 Hilarious Struggles Only People With Siblings Will Understand

    Siblings aren’t usually the best of friends when they are young. And if you have a sibling you’ll probably agree that most of your childhood was spent plotting your diabolical plans of ruining each other’s lives. Later in life you’ll both forget all the old fights and will always have each other’s back when you grow older. […]

  • 30 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Describe How Being A Parent Works

    Being a parent is probably the hardest job in the world, you are on call for 24 hours, 7 days a week, you literally have zero days off, and moms and dads aren’t even getting paid for it. However, despite of all of this, being a parent is still the best thing that could happen […]

  • 28 Times Letting Your Dog Play In The Mud Wasn’t The Best Idea

    If you are a dog owner, you know so well that one of the hardest tasks in dog caring is keeping them spick and span. Being these happy-go-lucky animals that they are, it’s inevitable for them to get dirty and smelly once in a while, and as a dog owner you will give up many […]

  • 23 Animals Looking Like They’re Going To Drop The Best Album Of The Year

    Album covers make the first impression of any artist’s album. They’re ofter designed to have a meaning, and depict the mood and feel of the album in picture form. This is why each album cover is unique and enigmatic, and looking at these photos it looks like animals would be the perfect subjects for any album […]

  • 22 Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Notes Left To Bad Parkers

    The road can be the most nerve-racking place to be for many of us. You’ll be up against traffic, unexpected vehicle malfunction, and of course fellow drivers who just don’t know how to follow the rules. And just when you think you can finally relax and park your car, you discover another set of hurdles […]

  • 22 Sleepy Puppies Who Are Just Too Tired To Care

    What could ever be a more adorable sight to see other than a slumbering little puppy? If you own a dog, you know you can’t deny that. But for those who are not quite convinced about it, we can’t help but showing you exactly what we mean. There’s so much peace in those sleeping puppy […]

  • 24 Of The Most Hilarious Yard Signs Ever Written

    The first rule of communication, as obvious as it seems, is to make it interesting. No matter if you work for an international advertising agency or you are just writing a yard sign, you have got to make it interesting. And the best way to keep the beholder entertained is by using a good sense […]

  • 29 Hilarious Photos That Are Just So True If You Own A Dog

    If you own a dog, you know exactly how hilarious they can get. They are a wiz at facial expressions that leave you laughing your heart out and they are masters at the game of going around the system, and it makes you love them even more. No matter what they do, they are always able to […]

  • 14 Hilarious Times Drunk People Were Pure Perfection

    Some people are entirely different when they’re drunk, and it sounds funny, but for some of them are funnier to hang out with than the sober version of themselves. A roommate or a close friend would probably attest to that. If you’ve ever been drunk before or hung out with drunk people then you definitely will […]

  • 22 Dogs Who Followed Human Rules So Literally They Beat The System

    Dogs are adorable beings able to effortlessly win our hearts. With simple gestures such as batting their eyes and wagging their tails, they never fail to make our days better. With this dog behavior in mind, it’s easy to neglect their clever and mischievous side, specifically in following certain rules. They can be very stubborn or […]

  • Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife, And We All Can Relate To It

    Israel-based artist and illustrator Yehuda Adi Devir recently went viral with his humorous illustrations about his daily life as a husband. People from around the world are loving Yehuda’s classic comic style, that paired with his own personal point of view about married gives life to some incredibly relatable and genuine illustrations about living with […]

  • 32 Of The Most Hilarious Examples Of Irony Ever

    According to its literal definition, irony is an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected. Sometimes, it looks like life has its own sense of humor, and places us in front of situations that we can only call “ironic”, indeed. Here we are with some of the most hilarious examples […]

  • 22 Of The Most Hilarious Things Ever Happened At The Doctor’s Office

    A doctor’s work is rarely fun and a trip to the doctor’s office almost always involves something unfortunate happening to you. However, like what some wise people say, “laughter is the best medicine”. The ability to inject humor in things makes life a bit more tolerable and easier to swallow. Doctors who have a sense […]

  • 15 Hilarious Memes That Are Just Too Real For Everyone

    The internet is the place where you go if you are in search of some good laugh. It’s a place brimming with all the good stuff, from funny videos, to random jokes, and hilarious memes, you will definitely get your fair dose of LOLs and ROFLs, and these 15 hilarious memes are no exception. Scroll […]