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  • This Dog Is Overjoyed About Being At Target, And People Just Can’t Handle It

    It looks like Bullseye, Target’s dog mascot, has been sent to the backstage when Zira, a four-month-old Corgi-Aussie mix, took over the limelight. Just recently, Twitter user @virgoprincxss, Zira’s human mom, tweeted purely ecstatic pictures of her dog during a trip to Target. Zira was so hyped just like Target was for some reason one […]

  • 15+ Hilarious Photos Proving That Our Pets Are Adorable Weirdos

    People always tend to anthropomorphize animals, and try to see some human traits in them. We often forget to treat them as animals, and when they act, in fact, like animals, we find ourself surprised about how hilarious their total lack of shame is. These hilarious photos are here to show us how weird our […]

  • 10+ Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Make Your Day So Much Better

    Not a single day goes by without the internet celebrating animals with some memes. No matter if we are of different species, chances are you will find these memes hilariously relatable. Clumsy and spontaneous, animals are an endless source of internet fun, and luckily for us, people were quick to capture these moments and add […]

  • 10+ Hilarious Memes Only Cat Ladies Will Understand

    Before the internet changed our life, the reputation of the so-called romance-challenged, cat-hoarding women, also known as cat ladies, was pretty much different. The classic stereotype is no longer hurting cat ladies’ reputations, and girls and women from all over the world are happily embracing their “cat lady” status. There is even a funny series […]

  • 25 Things That Will Only Happen To Cat Owners

    Our little furry friends are so unpredictable, but in the end that’s one of the things we love so much about them. They are so unique because of they unpredictability and you can be sure there are so many things you will understand only if you have a cat. Living with a cat is an […]

  • 14 Creative People Making The Best Out Of This Winter Situation

    Winter makes things difficult when it comes to have some fun outdoors, but these people managed to make the best of this cold and snowy situation. If you are waiting for the next snow in order to show off your creative skills, these 14 photos will be a great source of inspiration. (h/t) 1. 2. […]

  • 19 Hilarious Tweets That End In A Totally Unexpected Way

    Twitter is an inexhaustible source of humor, and these 19 people who tweeted apparently innocent sentences are actually masters of the punch line in disguise. Some of these jokes will definitely make you laugh more than you should. (h/t: buzzfeed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

  • 10+ Photos Proving That Dogs Are Adorable Weirdos

    Dogs are our adorably clumsy furballs. Every single day they manage to find a way to make us forget all the stress of our daily struggles. They don’t care about being funny or ridiculous, and just do whatever they feel like doing in that particular moment. For this reason, they never fail to give a […]

  • 15+ Hilarious Translation Fails That Will Make You Laugh More Than You Should

    The most important asset a traveler can have in his cultural baggage is without any doubt the English language. Nowadays it’s essential not only to travel to any English-speaking country, as it gives you the opportunity to communicate with people in almost every part of the world. Touristic institutions are well aware of its importance, […]

  • 21 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

    Here comes another proof that dogs are the one of the most hilarious things on Earth. Their unawareness and ingenuity makes them the perfect subject for the perfectly timed photos that are so popular on the internet these days. In this post you can see the perfectly timed dog photos that made us laugh the […]

  • Someone Replaced Jurassic Park Dinosaurs With Kittens, And It’s Hilarious

    From the most helpful to the not-so-relevant information, the internet is your one-stop shop for everything, even for the weirdest and craziest stuff you’d never expect to see. Speaking of weird and crazy, who would have thought that replacing Jurassic Park dinosaurs with cats would be hilarious? People started photoshopping our beloved furballs in stills […]

  • Unpopular Railway Puts 15-Year-Old Intern In Charge Of Their Twitter Account, He Takes The Internet By Storm

    Southern Rail, a train operator based in southern England, has earned itself a bad rep among its passengers, as proven by their bottom ranking in a nationwide satisfaction survey. However, things drastically changed when the company’s social media team decided to put Eddie, a fifteen-year-old intern, in charge of its Twitter account. Eddie became a […]