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  • 27 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome. #6 Is Just Brilliant!

    Have you ever thought about how your dream home would look like? Are you a minimal style fan or would you fill it with all the fanciest kinds of amenities? Here you will find 26 amazing home ideas that you probably didn’t know existed. Which ones would you want for your house? I’d certainly choose […]

  • 24 Of The Most Hilarious Design Fails Ever Made. #2 Is So Wrong It Hurts!

    We see great examples of design on an everyday basis, extremely good looking electronic devices, cars, magazines and so on, but have you ever wondered what happens when a designer makes a mistake? The answer is in these 24 photos of hilarious design fails. Because even designers can have a bad day. (h/t: boredpanda) If […]

  • Unbelievable Bedroom Splits Chaos And Harmony In Two Perfect Halves

    No, this isn’t some kind of Photoshop trickery, the bedroom you are seeing is actually perfectly split in half, with one side being almost totally white and the other one being entirely graffitied. This surreal space is a creation by Kiev-based artist Pavel Vetrov, and is probably the most noticeable kind of contrast we have […]

  • Here Are The 2015 A’ Design Award & Competition Winning Designs

    Just like every April, here we are announcing the A’ Design Award & Competition winners. This year the competition has been incredibly close, with the awards being assigned to 836 winners from 83 countries in 89 different design categories. These are the incredible numbers of the world’s largest and most prestigious design contest, one of […]

  • Nominate your best designs to A’ Design Awards 2015

    The nominations deadline for registering to the A’ Design Awards is near. You can register your works to one of the most relevant international design contests here. A’ Design Award & Competition is the best way for creatives, designers, architects and photographers/photo manipulators from all over the word to gain international popularity, in fact the winners will get […]

  • A’ Design Awards 2015 – International Call for Entries

    It’s that time of the year, again! If you are creative, an architect, a designer, a photographer, you should consider registering to the A’ Design Awards, one of the most relevant and prestigious international design contests. A’ Design Awards assigns important prizes to creatives from all over the world, competing in an incredibly wide range of […]

  • World Design Rankings 2014 finally announced

    Every December WDR announces the World Design Rankings in arts, architecture and design, based on the number of awards won by each nation at the popular A’Design Award & Competition. This classification aims to provide additional data and insights to economists and journalists regarding the state-of-art in design industry, and contains golden informations about the […]

  • A’ Design Award & Competition, Call for Submissions

    If you are an artist or designer, you have probably already heard of the renowned A’ Design Awards & Competition, the most relevant international annual competition for design. Every year designers compete in an incredibly wide range of creative fields to win the coveted A’ Design Prize. The winning designers obtain an huge visibility from […]

  • This Cloud Lamp Will Create A Thunderstorm Right In Your Room. I Need One… NOW!

    The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system, designed by polyhedric designer Richard Clarkson. It mimics a thundercloud right in your living room, and is able to provide a unique experience by using its powerful speaker and motion sensors. The Cloud supports any bluetooth compatible devices, so you can even wirelessly reproduce your favorite […]

  • A’ Design Awards & Competition: early call for entries

    A’Design Award and Competition, one of the most relevant and respected design contests in the world, has recently awarded its winners, but it’s already time to think to the next edition of the exhibition. Every year they award the best designs in a wide range of categories, being a boost for the winners’ careers. Designers and […]