Category: Sculpting

  • Amazingly Disturbing Porcelain Figurines By Maria Rubinke

    Maria Rubinke is a young Danish artist based in Copenhagen. She is best known for her porcelain figurines depicting gruesome scenes. We are sure these pieces of art will divide our readers in those who love them and those who are disgusted by them. By the way, these porcelain figurines are undeniably different from everything […]

  • This man covered his old junk car in expanding foam. Now I know why and I’m totally jealous! WHOA!

    Who said that you can’t turn an old, beat-up car into something beautiful? If you are a creative person with some serious skills in sculpting and a vivid imagination, there’s apparently nothing you can’t do with some expandable foam and cardboard stencils. A Lithuanian man was tired of his old Mercedes-Benz CLK and wanted to […]

  • 18 unbelievable landscapes carved into books

    Guy Laramée is an eclectic artist based in Quebec. He is a director, composer, singer, painter, writer and sculptor. Part of Guy’s sculpting work consists in carving landscapes into books and encyclopedias and today we are going to show you some of his amazing carving work that totally blowed our minds. Needless to say his […]

  • 10 Mind blowing animal-shaped hair sculptures by Nagi Noda

    Nagi Noda was an extremely brilliant Japanese pop artist whose skills ranged from photography to directing, all performed with her striking personal style. Among her most popular works we can mention the direction of a tv ad for Coca-Cola, many music videos including Scissor Sisters She’s my man, the short film that went viral Mariko […]

  • Mind-blowing pumpkin carvings by Ray Villafane

    Halloween is upon us, is there a better way to celebrate than a fun gallery of pumpkin sculptures? The amazing artist we are talking about today is the extremely talented Ray Villafane, more than famous for his skills in sculpting sand, pumpkins and toys. His activity with pumpkins became in the nineties, while he was […]

  • 8 astonishing tiny sculptures carved on the tips of pencils

    We talked about sculptures carved out of pencils here, but it was quite a different matter as Diem Chau, the artist showcased in this article, doesn’t carve sculptures out of one entire pencil, but out of just the tip. This singular artist is native of Vietnam, and he has exhibited his sculptures in galleries of […]

  • Unbelievable sculptures carved from pencils

    This week we stumbled into some amazing work by Hungarian artist and deviantART user cerkahegyzo. This unbelievable artist carves incredibly complex tiny sculptures into single pencils (except for #5 where he probably used 2). He is not a “full time” artist, since he works as a tool-maker in Hungary. Carving pencils is just a hobby for […]

  • Everyday clothes you’d never think are sculptures made of marble

    Alex Seton is a Sydney based artist who graduated from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW in 1998. Seton is mainly known for his lifelike sculptures carved out of marble. We were impressed by the realism of the sculptures that we show you today, it’s amazing how this artist manages to recreate the feeling of a […]