Category: Painting

  • 22 famous paintings revisited as photographs

    Today we want to showcase an interesting project called Remake, started by the guys of Boooooom. In this project artists all around the web are invited to recreate in photographs the iconic paintings that made the history of art. Some of the artists that made the remakes revisited the original pieces in a modern way, […]

  • Art for Dummies, a (not so serious) guide to famous painters

    When I was a student I had a very hard time remembering¬†which artist belonged to a certain style and, consequently, to certain works. If I came across in this guide before my studies would have been certainly easier. The following is a funny guide that’ll help you link famous painters and their style and paintings […]

  • Kang Kang Hoon’s jaw-dropping paintings that really look like photographs

    Kang Kang Hoon is a Korean artist that has a special talent for crafting strange portraits. His beautiful artworks are filled with irony, and the most incredible thing about them is that although they look exactly like photographs, they actually are paintings. The use of lights, shadows and reflections is simply stunning, and we bet […]

  • Amazing hand painting illusions by Annie Ralli

    Annie Ralli is a talented British body painter, former scenic artist for BBC. She often paints body parts for the realization of advertising campaigns, and the following creations, photographed by Ray Massey, are part of an advertising campaign for Ecclesiastical Insurance, whose pay-off is “You’re in good hands”. She says about her body painting works: […]