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  • 18 unbelievable landscapes carved into books

    Guy Laramée is an eclectic artist based in Quebec. He is a director, composer, singer, painter, writer and sculptor. Part of Guy’s sculpting work consists in carving landscapes into books and encyclopedias and today we are going to show you some of his amazing carving work that totally blowed our minds. Needless to say his […]

  • Artist creates unique pieces of art by using just packing tape

    Mark Khaisman is an Ucranian artist based in Philadelphia, USA. He creates truly unique pieces of art using only packing tape. His technique consists in applying stripes of translucent tape on a clear backlit panel, in order to create a pictorial illusion formed by light and shadow. As Mark states on his website, he superimposes […]

  • 10 Mind blowing animal-shaped hair sculptures by Nagi Noda

    Nagi Noda was an extremely brilliant Japanese pop artist whose skills ranged from photography to directing, all performed with her striking personal style. Among her most popular works we can mention the direction of a tv ad for Coca-Cola, many music videos including Scissor Sisters She’s my man, the short film that went viral Mariko […]

  • Artist creates brilliant caricatures of celebrities using peanuts

    Steve Casino is a very particular artist who has made a name for himself creating impressive caricature of celebrities and famous characters from peanuts. In the beginning he was just drawing quick sketches of his colleagues on peanuts and since the results were absolutely funny he decided to portray famous people. He states that the […]

  • Brilliant artist creates stunning portraits made from nails on canvas

    Today we are featuring an artist that creates art in a way that we’ve never seen before. Over the years we’ve seen artists making portraits with milk splashes, with roadmaps, creating landscapes with food or mixing different photos of body parts, but we’ve never seen portraits entirely made of nails. The artist we are talking […]

  • Amazing map collage artworks by Matthew Cusick

    Matthew Cusick is a New York based artist best known for his incredible collages portraying lifelike subjects such as animals, humans, waves and roads. What he basically does is slicing pieces of all kind of maps, picking them up from roadmaps, textbooks or atlases. Subsequently he masterfully positions all those pieces to create a lifelike […]

  • Astonishing photorealistic paintings of places seen through wet car windshields

    If you’ve been following Just Something for a while, you may know how much we love photorealistic paintings. It’s obviously not the only kind of style we appreciate, but it’s undeniable that the “wow effect” it produces is almost incomparable. We are going to show you today some of the most impressive photorealistic artworks we’ve […]

  • 15 cynical minimalistic illustrations that reflect our times

    Eduardo Salles is a brilliant designer born in Mexico City in 1987. He is also an advertiser, designer, illustrator, writer and professor at the Miami Ad School. As advertiser he won numerous awards, including the prestigious Cannes Lion. He runs a website called Cinismo Ilustrado, where he regularly publish clever and hilarious illustrations garnished with a […]

  • Artist brings to life Banksy’s street art pieces

    Banksy is today arguably the most popular street artist in the world. With the help of the web his artworks are becoming more popular day after day, and his newest series Better Out Than In is considered an icon of street art. His works are buzzing all around the web and a number of artists are altering […]

  • 22 famous paintings revisited as photographs

    Today we want to showcase an interesting project called Remake, started by the guys of Boooooom. In this project artists all around the web are invited to recreate in photographs the iconic paintings that made the history of art. Some of the artists that made the remakes revisited the original pieces in a modern way, […]

  • Unbelievable 3d latte art by Kazuki Yamamoto. I suddenly want a cappuccino!

    Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese barkeeper, serving cappuccino and other delights at Cafe 10g in Osaka. Probably defining him as a barkeeper is a bit reductive, as he is a real artist when it comes to pour milk foam on a cappuccino. He started out drawing 2d arts on cappuccino foam with coffee and milk, portraying […]

  • Mind-blowing pumpkin carvings by Ray Villafane

    Halloween is upon us, is there a better way to celebrate than a fun gallery of pumpkin sculptures? The amazing artist we are talking about today is the extremely talented Ray Villafane, more than famous for his skills in sculpting sand, pumpkins and toys. His activity with pumpkins became in the nineties, while he was […]

  • 8 astonishing tiny sculptures carved on the tips of pencils

    We talked about sculptures carved out of pencils here, but it was quite a different matter as Diem Chau, the artist showcased in this article, doesn’t carve sculptures out of one entire pencil, but out of just the tip. This singular artist is native of Vietnam, and he has exhibited his sculptures in galleries of […]